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Liuli Crystal Echo of Joy 


Liuli Crystal Echo of Joy   Liuli Crystal

Status: Available | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition  | Edition Size: 1800 | Dim:6.70"W x 12.20"L x 7.68"H | Liuli Crystal| Item #: PEF153.ADAEF

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, The art piece represents harmony and the joy of life. Two fish dance playfully, cheeks puffed and tails blending into the flow of the life and water around them. It’s an artwork that speaks of simple pleasures, harmony and joie de vivre. In designing the piece, “master” artist Loretta H. Yang would puff her own cheeks and feign swimming, making the team of artists laugh along with the art piece.

NOTES: Echo of Joy, , Spring comes early,, Singing a song of joyous pursuit., Your serenade, a harmonious beckoning,, We echo each other in dance.

Echo of Joy by Liuli Crystal   Liuli Crystal.

Liuli Crystal bio

Over the last 24 years, Liuli Gongfang has given a new life to the lost art of Chinese Liuli Crystal. Every creation goes through a twelve-step process, lasting a total of six to eight weeks. In addition, each series is part of a limited collection, driving the team to constantly create new works of art. Liuli Gong Fang's creations have been bestowed upon VIP members of the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and given to over 32 world leaders. Liuli Gongfang's Pate-De-Verre creation process involves casting a wax sculpture in plaster, melting out that wax and adding glass ingredients to the leftover negative space. While this technique is incredibly time consuming, it yields unequaled detail and a dynamic blending of colors. Due to the hand crafted nature of Liuli Crystal, no piece is identical and each is a unique work of art. Air bubbles are formed naturally during the creation of Liuli Crystal and the artists use these bubbles to accent their creations, carefully manipulating their flow and size.