"FRANZ Fine Porcelain"

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Artist Diane Knott was born in Olean, New York and educated in fine art and in advertising art in New Jersey. Painting and drawing have been her lifelong pursuits and as necessary to her as breathing. "I can't remember ever wanting to do anyting else but be an artist" she says without reservation. She remembers being as young as 4 and always asking for pencils and paper to draw while visiting friends and relatives. Ms. Knott has won numerous awards for her pen and ink drawings and has marketed her own line of wooden folk art and hand-painted picture frames with her husband, George, since 1983. She also markets prints of her watercolors through their own family-operated business. Much of the inspiration for Diane Knott's country Americana comes from their simple life and beautiful surroundings in peaceful, rural upstate Pennsylvania where they look out on lush hills and valleys, forests and farmlands. Cows and horses graze on nearby meadows and wildlife abounds with frequent four-legged visitors including shy deer, bird-feeder-raiding bears, ambling possums, chubby groundhogs and an occasional garden snake or toad. Fat country mice inhabit the walls surrounding their flower and vegetable gardens where Diane and George can be found on cool mornings or lazy evenings weeding, harvesting and relishing the simple joys of their garden and rural life. Late summer will find them in the kitchen canning and freezing their home-grown bounty. Diane is adept at many crafts including most types of needlework and she sews many of her own clothes. She dabbles in refinishing antique furniture and hand-paints desings on many of the hand-made furnishings in their home. She has also sold much of her hand-painted country-inspired furniture through catalogs and shops all around the United States. She and her Husband also enjoy traveling to the Southwest and have traveled extensively in rural England where she finds inspiration for her softly-detailed watercolors of English cottages. Her lovely artwork is inspired by love of family, home, friends, the rural countryside around her and the country villages of rural England. Her ability to communicate the simple beauty around her has made her a superb painter of the country experience with all its simple charms, warmth and friendliness.