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Christopher Blossom Traveling In Company (remarque) Limited Edition Print 


Christopher Blossom Traveling In Company (remarque) Limited Edition Print  

Status: Available | Condition:New Unframed Art | Edition:Limited Edition  | Edition Size: Limited to 100 | Dim:6 x 6 | Christopher Blossom| Item #: BL00024


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NOTES: This image comes out of my experience. We were in the Pacific Northwest, sailing an old Alden yawl in a passage called Haro Strait. We were going down a channel and notcied some orca whales in the distance. We headed over in that direction and ended up going along with them for about two and a half hours. Its not ususual for dolphins to accompany you but I dont know how normal it is for whales. At one point, a couple of them were lying alongside the boat and squeaking. Im always surprised by how graceful they are. They seem to move almost effortlessly. Heres something thats thirty feet long and I dont know how wide and it just glides along beside you as if it doesnt have to do anything in order to move quickly. Sometimes you can feel alone out on the water, but sighting whales reminds you that theres something else alive out there.

Traveling In Company (remarque) Limited Edition Print   by Christopher Blossom Is a Limited Edition production by the Artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which affirms that this Art Work is an authentic Limited Edition production from Christopher Blossom. This Limited Edition is Signed and Numbered by the artist.

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Christopher Blossom bio

"When a child has a father and grandfather who are both well known illustrators, it is likely the offspring will also become an artist. And when a boy starts to sail at the age of six, it is also likely that the artist might choose the sea and sailing ships as his subject. Such was the case for Christopher Blossom, who, by the time he left the Parsons School of Design and Robert Bourke’s Design Studio, could visualize a finished boat from only its plans—and draw the craft from any angle. Before Blossom was twenty, he had sailed under square rig aboard the brigantine Young America. Known for his complex, detailed compositions of ships at sea, Blossom combines his appreciation for the beauty and the menace of the sea with his love of maritime history and ship construction. Before Blossom paints a vessel, he is likely to study the ship’s blueprint to learn about it hull design, length, tonnage and deck layout. Blossom’s historically accurate ships and harbors are combined with color, light and composition to capture the mood of a voyage and convey the essence of the seafaring experience. At the age of twenty, he won a Gold Medal at the Society of Illustrators Scholarship Exhibition. His dual vocation of experiencing the sea and then painting both nautical history and some of the greatest modern places to sail, was truly launched. Blossom became both a charter member and an artist of the American Society of Marine Artists, serving as its president from 1983 to 1986. His awards include a Gold Medal from the National Academy of Western Art for his painting of ships in Monterey. Saluted as an undisputed master, Blossom has exhibited his art at the Gilcrease Museum, the Colorado Museum of History, the prestigious Prix de West Invitational and the Artists of America show. Blossom continues to achieve artistic honors including the Robert Lougheed Memorial Award at the 2001 Prix de West. Almost the only time he isn’t painting is when he is sailing, visiting ports of call in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, the Bahamas, California and Washington state. Blossom, who recently spent a year sailing around the Caribbean with his wife and two sons says of his love, ""It’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life. When I look at the ocean, I get the same feeling pilots must get when they look to the sky."