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Mo Devlin Coming Home to Roost OPEN EDITION Canvas

Mo Devlin Coming Home to Roost OPEN EDITION  Canvas Mo Devlin

Status: In Stock Available | Condition: New | Edition:Open Edition Canvas | Edition Size: Open Edition | Dim:28 inches wide by 18 inches tall | Mo Devlin| Item #: MD00041S

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Coming Home to Roost

NOTES: In addition to the frozen flowers, I shoot lots of photos of tropical fish. In particular a fish species called Cichlid. If you"ve eaten Tilapia, you"ve eaten cichlid. There are many different species, but for the most part they can be broken down into two categories; egg layers and mouth brooders. Egg layers do just that, lay their eggs on an object in the water and hatch their fry. Mouth brooders, however, lay the eggs and immediately scoop them up into their mouth to hatch. When the fry are born they swim freely around the tank, but when it"s time for rest they swim back into the mouth of their parent where they are easily protected. The image here was really a surprise. It looks so much like fry heading back into the open mouth of their parent. For me it"s as close as I"ve come to having my two photo interests cross paths..

Coming Home to Roost OPEN EDITION  Canvas by Mo Devlin 

Mo Devlin bio

Mo Delvin s journey into photography began in 1973 when he joined the U.S. Army as a photo journalist. He is an avid aquarist and renowned aquatic photographer for over thirty years. A past president of the American Cichlid Association he maintains close to 3,000 gallons of freshwater tropical fish tanks in his Pennsylvania home. His photographs and articles appear frequently in his blog, "Today in the Fishroom" as well as publications including Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Amazonas, Redfish and hobby magazines around the world. Devlin perfected the art of photographing fish in their aquatic environment. Mastering the dynamic of how light travels through water was only the first of many steps in the frozen flower process. That intense sense of spontaneity Devlin captures is the result of a very deliberate process. These images are not simply stumbled upon, but meticulously created. Freezing his "models" is the most important part of the process. When tap water is frozen the impurities show themselves as clouded white ice. Devlin experiments and continues to perfect his ability to control the outcome of how the ice forms and captures the subject. Sometimes the bloom itself can be the source of impurity. Any substance, natural or added to the plant, may cause large areas of clouded ice. Blooms with high sap or sugar content or flowers purchased that have been given a preservative, pose the biggest challenge. One thing that occurs and is cultivated through his photos is the appearance of "ice trailers." These are simply bubbles that have been squeezed out of the organic material then stretched as the freezing process continued. The science behind their formation is amazing. Flowers add to any room a feeling of beauty and grace. They are delicate beings, alive with sensuality. Mo Devlin s Frozen Flowers capture all that and more. The ice adds a "look again" dimension to this gorgeous photography that draws us in and fires our imagination.