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John Rowe The Depth Of Space And Love - Wall-E Giclee On Canvas

John Rowe The Depth Of Space And Love - Wall-E  Giclee On Canvas John Rowe

Status: Available | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition Giclee On Canvas | Edition Size: Limited to 195 | Dim:20 x 10 | John Rowe| Item #: CEJRWALEG

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The Depth of Space and Love - WALL-E Giclee on Canvas  Giclee On Canvas

NOTES: The Depth of Space and Love - WALL-E Giclee on Canvas. John Rowe loves to draw. He was busy all morning in kindergarten drawing a pirate ship, struggled to curve the sails just right as the wind filled them and to overlap the sails from all three masts to show the grandeur and power of the ship in his mind. Finally he saw his mistakes and knew just how to correct them. He crumpled up the large sheet of drawing paper, threw it into the trash and began again. Before he�d even begun the new drawing his teacher interrupted the whole class to ask, �Who threw away this beautiful drawing? It should be up on the wall for parents� night.� He thought to himself, �What kind of school is this?� Fourteen years later with the help of an inspiring professor from Cal State Los Angeles, Al Fiori, he found himself at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. �Looking at the student gallery, drinking up information in class, talking with my friends about anatomy, the emotions of color, composition and design I knew I had found a perfect school for me,� he says of his college experience. �I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living and to be able to share what I love with other people.� Today, his artwork is world famous having created some of the most recognizable imagery across multiple industries. From his series of hand painted stamps for the United Nations, book covers for Random House�s Black Stallion series, to movie posters for National Geographic, Disney�s The Young Black Stallion and Miracle, his work has reached many millions of viewers. His portfolio also includes ad campaigns for Samsung, American Airlines, McDonald�s, and a spectacular wildlife mural for Disney�s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. John was excited to create this unique painting for The Pixar Collection titled �The Depth of Love and Space� celebrating the bond between Wall-E and Eva in Disney/Pixar�s �Wall-E�. �The main characters in any Pixar film, whether they be a cowboy, a little bug or a robot, they all represent quintessential human emotions: love, friendship, compassion. In my painting I place the focus on this very personal, tender moment between Wall-E and Eva and set it against the vast and magnificent beauty of the universe, as infinite a mystery as love itself.�.

The Depth Of Space And Love - Wall-E  Giclee On Canvas by John Rowe  is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

John Rowe bio

John received his training at Art Center College of Design and began his career as an illustrator. His paintings have appeared on movie posters, books, billboards, magazines and advertisements throughout the country and around the world. Seeking an additional outlet for his creative vision, John began his Horse Series, bringing together equine beauty and power with emotions of the human spirit. When the publishers of Walter Farley's The Black Stallion saw John¹s work, they were inspired to re-issue this classic series, commissioning 24 new paintings by John for the covers. "My artwork is meant to recall the beauty, majesty and mystery of the life we live, and the world we live it in. Painting the small delicacy of the light on a child¹s face, or the overwhelming power and grace of the sky at sunrise, is my attempt to capture some of that wonder. Through my work I hope to remind you and myself how truly wonderful, complex, and vivid life is. Whether we are looking into the eyes of someone we love, or struggling just to breath, life is a priceless gift." John has maintained a successful painting career for nearly 20 years. His studio is in La Canada California, where he lived with his wife and two children. He received his art training at Art Center College of Design, and has worked with clients throughout the United States and around the world.