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Jared Franco Wonderland Gallery Wrapped Giclee On Canvas
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Jared Franco Wonderland Gallery Wrapped Giclee On Canvas Jared Franco

Status: In Stock Available | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Giclee On Canvas | Edition Size: Limited Edition 1500 | Dim:9.5" H x 22" W | Jared Franco| Item #: CEWONLANDTC

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Wonderland - CEWONLANDTC

NOTES: Wonderland... a place that seems so impossibly mind-bending and complex, yet so extraordinarily beautiful in all its colorful mysteries. Artist Jared Franco's new masterpiece, shares these qualities with the topsy-turvy place that inspired it. A celebratory homage to Walt Disney's 1951 animated classic "Alice in Wonderland", Franco's wildly ambitious oil painting took on almost mural-like proportions in order to contain the vast amount of detail which visually traverses nearly every story beat in the animated film. The original painting measures in at 3 feet high and a staggering 7 feet wide! This epic painting came to life over the course of several months. Before a single drop of paint touched the canvas, this intricate layout and design had to be carefully developed through a series of concepts and pencil illustrations. Once the painting process itself began, every one of the 3,024 square inches of the canvas were hand-painted in magnificent detail, one brushstroke at a time. The result is a triumph of creativity and imagination, which we are proud to present in this archival quality canvas limited edition. Look a bit closer and we think you will find yourself, like Alice, to be "curiouser and curiouser"!.

* Priced at $150.00
* Limited to 1500 pieces
* Artist signed in the original image
* Includes A Certificate Of Authenticity
* 1.5โ€ deep stretcher bar
* Image extended gallery wrap which allows the collector to display with or without a frame

Wonderland  Gallery Wrapped Giclee On Canvas by Jared Franco 

image Copyright © 2024 by Jared Franco

Jared Franco bio

Franco is an exclusively self-taught artist, who began drawing at the age of three. He has known ever since, that being an artist is the only creative outlet in life he desires. His grandfather created impeccable paintings of British and French history, this is unquestionably where Franco inherited his passion to paint. Initially, Franco favored drawing, Franco pulled inspiration from beloved painters such as Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, and da Vinci. as he formed a passion for surrealism. He served in the US Army from 2006-2010, with 101st Infantry, out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. During his stint in the army, he deployed to Iraq for 15 months. While overseas, he had to put his artistic passion on hold. However, upon returning in 2010, he picked up his paint brush, springing him forward onto his journey of becoming a fine artist. His artistic efforts focused on the fantasy genre, and of course, his long-time childhood love of Disney characters and storytelling. He dreamed of one day becoming a Disney artist and made that his greatest life goal. Now, a reality, heโ€™s determined to create the most beautiful, classic Disney art, yet with a flare, which makes them only recognizable as a Jared Franco piece. โ€œIโ€™ve spent most of my life watching and studying Disney movies, and still do now. From my earliest memories I remember being truly inspired by the art and found myself watching entire movies over and over again -- admiring and studying the artwork. This passion drove me to create my own paintings,โ€ says Franco. โ€œI never imagined Iโ€™d be doing it for Disney Fine Art.โ€

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