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The world's greatest detective has a mind that can swing from the height of triumph to the depths of despair in the blink of an eye. Triumph when he thinks he's close to catching his evil nemesis, Ratigan; despair when the cad slips through his fingers once again. For comfort he turns to his trusty violin. Basil has amazing powers of deduction ("Offhand I can deduce only little, only that the list is written with a broad-pointed pen ... the paper is of native Mongolian manufacture ... and has been gummed, unless I'm very much mistaken, by a bat that has been drinking Rodent's Delight!") and uses them to help his clients in trouble. When a mere tiny slip of a girl and a bespectacled doctor arrive on his doorstep, the Great Basil cannot be bothered -- until he deduces that the simple Case of the Missing Toymaker may actually be a hellishly fiendish plot that leads straight to his nemesis! Ah-ha! The game is afoot!