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Robert Jackson Three Part Harmony Original Oil on Canvas Board
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Robert Jackson Three Part Harmony  Original Oil on Canvas Board Robert Jackson

Status: Out Of Stock | Condition: New | Edition:Original Art Original Oil on Canvas Board | Edition Size: Original | Dim:18 X 24 | Robert Jackson| Item #: RJTHREEO

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Three Part Harmony - RJTHREEO  Original Oil on Canvas Board

NOTES: Three Part Harmony This painting reminds me of a church choir from Richmond, Kentucky, who I loved listening to growing up. They had the most beautiful harmony. The chemistry they embodied made everyone feel as if they could one day sing in a choir. The older I became I realized the secret wasn’t harmonizing in song, but in life. They were a compliment to each other in church, in the community, in their homes. This is captured and represented in the painting how each vocalist understands that this is not the time for a solo. They stand equally as distant from the microphone, but lean equally as near to it so the voices resonate in unison. This painting highlights techniques such as contour line, contrast, and planar analysis to create layers of rhythms and repetitions through the picture plain. .

Three Part Harmony  Original Oil on Canvas Board by Robert Jackson 

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image Copyright © 2022 by Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson bio

Robert Jackson is a Minnesota native who enjoys creating art that reflect his passion for family, culture, music, and his spiritual upbringing. Robert graduated from Perpich Center for Arts Education (formerly The Minnesota Center for Arts Education High School) in Golden Valley, MN, where his exposure to artwork from various cultures allowed him to enhance his knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts. PCAE also provided a gateway for exhibition of some of Robert's early artwork, such as The Unknown Talent and A Month Isn’t Enough. Robert was blessed to collaborate with several of his mentors during his art journey, including projects with Dr. John Biggers, lecturing on art with Gordan Parks at the Minnesota Historical Museum, and Jacob Lawrence, to name a few. Robert attended the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2005 from Prescott College. Robert continued his growth and success as a freelance artist, as evidenced by his presence in local community galleries and his vast portfolio of commissioned portrait drawings. Robert has proven to be an outspoken representative of authentic black art through his solo and group exhibitions throughout Arizona, including Martin Luther King Celebration, Black Women's Expo, Black Rodeo Expo, Juneteenth Festival, Black Women's Task Force, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Founder’s Day, Omega Rho Zeta Sorority Founder’s Day, Alpha Kappa Alpha Founder’s Day, and at The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.