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The Collection Shop International Shipping Program

Thank you for selecting The Collection Shop for your art acquisitions. Our goal is to ensure your contentment and offer you a seamless shopping journey. To acquaint you with our international shipping and returns protocols, kindly peruse the subsequent policy particulars:

For the pages featuring the international PayPal button for Fine Art, we're delighted to offer two shipping options to the Destinations listed below: FREE Shipping or Flat Rate Shipping.
International Shipping

For our Canadian Customers,🇨🇦 you have the option to use our standard checkout for non-qualified items along with the PayPal International for qualified items.
Canada Shipping-- International Shipping

FREE Shipping: If your Fine Art order adds up to $895.00 or more, congratulations! You qualify for free shipping to the following destination countries listed below.

Flat Rate Shipping: For Fine Art orders under $895.00, a flat rate of $55.00 will apply to the destination countries mentioned below.

Please note that all artworks will be carefully shipped in rolled form and covered by UPS insurance.

In case you encounter an item without the PayPal international button, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Simply send an email to info@thecollectionshop.com, including your Full Name, address, and a link to the item you're interested in. We'll be happy to verify if shipping is possible to your location.

For all international orders, we facilitate the purchase process through our PayPal International checkout button, conveniently located on the product detail page of eligible items. If you find this button on the product page, it signifies that the item qualifies for international shipping. Conversely, if the button is absent, the item is not eligible for international shipping.
International Shipping

To proceed with your order, kindly ensure that you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions, as well as our International Shipping Policies. You can do so by selecting the "Accept Our Terms And Conditions" checkbox on The Collection Shop's checkout page. This step is necessary before you are directed to PayPal to finalize your order. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you with a seamless shopping experience.

1. **Shipping Timeline**: Typically, orders will be processed and dispatched within 1-3 weeks from your purchase date. It's important to note that transit times may differ depending on the delivery destination. For international deliveries, we rely on UPS International Expedited Delivery - a secure and reliable option.

2. **Important Note Regarding Import Fees and Taxes: We would like to inform you that the listed item's price and shipping charges do not encompass potential import duties, taxes, or any additional fees that might apply. These possible charges remain the responsibility of the buyer.
To ensure a well-informed purchase, we recommend contacting your country's customs office before finalizing your order. This will help you understand any potential supplementary costs that may arise.
For an estimated assessment of such charges, you can utilize the following link: Duty Calculator. When using the calculator, please input "Art Work" as the Product description and use HS Code: 49119100. Remember to change CIF to FOB. It's important to note that even if your shipping is FREE, insurance is always included.

3. **Destinations**: Presently, we offer shipping to the following destinations: Australia : 🇦🇺 Austria : 🇦🇹 Denmark : 🇩🇰 Finland : 🇫🇮 France : 🇫🇷 Germany : 🇩🇪 Ireland : 🇮🇪 Italy : 🇮🇹 Japan : 🇯🇵 Netherlands: 🇳🇱 Norway : 🇳🇴 Spain : 🇪🇸 Sweden : 🇸🇪 Switzerland : 🇨🇭 United Kingdom : 🇬🇧

4. **Shipping Approach**: To minimize international shipping expenses, we exclusively ship art in a "Rolled" format. All orders will necessitate a signature upon delivery for added security.

5. **Returned and Unclaimed Orders**: Should you wish to return a non-damaged item, kindly report your intent within 2 days of receiving it. Bear in mind that all expenses related to returns, including any applicable fees like return duties, taxes, or clearance fees, are the responsibility of the customer. Returned artwork should be properly insured and returned in the original condition for a refund, subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please note that refunds may take between 5 - 7 business days to be processed upon receiving the returned item.

6. **Initiating Returns**: To initiate a return, please get in touch with our dedicated Customer Support Team using the following contact details: - Email: info@thecollectionshop.com - Phone: 305-238-4438 - Our support hours are from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm EST.

7. **Shipping Limitations**: Due to logistical constraints, some countries are excluded from our shipping coverage. If your country is listed in the address dropdown menu, we can ship select products to your location. All Artwork is sold and shipped unstretched/rolled.

8. **Shipping Insurance**: All orders are shipped with comprehensive insurance coverage through UPS.

9. **Order Cancellations**: Following your order placement, you have the option to cancel within 1 day for a full refund. Cancellations made after shipping but before delivery will incur a 20% cancellation fee. Once shipped, cancellations are not possible.

**Process for Returning Damaged Artwork**:
At The Collection Shop, we take utmost care in packing and dispatching your artwork to ensure its impeccable condition. However, in the unfortunate event of damage during transit, we are here to guide you through the claims process. Kindly adhere to the following steps to initiate the return of damaged artwork:

1. **Document Damage**: Upon receiving your damaged artwork, promptly capture clear and detailed photos of the packaging, damaged areas of the artwork, and the UPS Label. These images are vital for a successful claim with UPS.

2. **Contact Support**: Notify our Customer Support Team about the damage as soon as possible through the following means: - Email: info@thecollectionshop.com - Call: 305-238-4438 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm EST)

3. **Provide Information**: When reaching out, please supply the following details: - Your order number - Clear photographs of the damaged artwork and packaging - A description of the damage - Your direct contact information

4. **Claim Initiation**: Our Customer Support Team will assist you in starting a claim with the shipping carrier (UPS) based on the information provided. This may involve completing specific forms and submitting necessary documents.

5. **Cooperate with Inspection**: The shipping carrier might require an inspection of the damaged artwork and packaging. Retain the damaged item and all original packaging materials until the claim process concludes.

6. **Claim Resolution**: The claim process generally takes around 3 weeks. Once the shipping carrier reviews the claim, they will determine an appropriate resolution, which might include reimbursing the artwork's value and shipping costs.

7. **Refund or Replacement**: Depending on the outcome of the claim, we will collaborate with you to offer a refund for the damaged artwork (minus any applicable fees) or arrange for a replacement of the same or a similar artwork, subject to availability.

Promptly initiating the claim process and providing comprehensive documentation will expedite the resolution. Our team is available to guide you throughout this process for a satisfactory outcome.

We greatly value your trust in The Collection Shop for your art acquisitions. Should you have inquiries or require further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Support Team using the provided contact information.

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