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David Grant The Spirit of 76 Flag OPEN EDITION Canvas
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David Grant The Spirit of 76 Flag OPEN EDITION Canvas David Grant

Status: In Stock Available | Condition: New | Edition:Open Edition Canvas | Edition Size: Open Edition | Dim:26 inches wide by 18 inches tall | David Grant| Item #: DG00002

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The Spirit of ´76 Flag

NOTES: Show the world your confidence in the American spirit! Thomas Jefferson’s faith in the practicality and wisdom of American farmer was far greater than his belief in politicians holding the same virtues (the man certainly knew what he was talking about). To him, it would be perfectly logical that one of the truly unique and inspiring aspects of American art originate on a farm as well: barn door art.
Just because the door to hayloft needed to be replaced didn’t mean it needed to be thrown out, it simply needed to find another purpose. The beauty of Folk Art is that it communicates a cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics. It is not influenced by trends in the art community, but quite simply a desire to express a pure emotion or experience.
The Spirit of ’76 is our way of saying we still embrace the core principles on which this great nation was founded and that the true American spirit is unshakeable. This remarkable canvas edition has to be touched to realize that it is not the 30 to 60 pounds of real heartland barn door. The image continues around all four edges of the canvas to complete its authentic feel. Finally, each Giclée comes with a set of pull rings to complete the presentation.
Available in two sizes, 42x 28 and 26x 18, this open edition canvas allows you to make a unique and definitive statement about your patriotic passion. Liven up your home or office with The Spirit of ’76 and let freedom ring!

The Spirit of 76 Flag OPEN EDITION  Canvas by David Grant 

image Copyright © 2024 by David Grant

David Grant bio

David Grant is an accomplished illustrator and sculptor. A graduate of Paier College of Art, Grant has developed a following in the modeling community as a sculptor. His Fantasy and Western Action sculpts are turned into kits collected and built by hobbyists nationwide. Dave is also the Production Manager at The Greenwich Workshop and an important member of our Fine Art Editions team. His illustrations have been essential complements to Greenwich Workshop projects throughout the years. As a lifetime resident of New England, Grant is familiar with iconic stature of the farm in rural communities and the New England penchant for folk art that emanates from it. This series of American Barn Door Art has been designed exclusively by David Grant for The Greenwich Workshop.

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