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Fabrizio Tani was born in 1965 in Vico d Elsa - a charming small town near Florence, Italy. He was trained in painting at the Institute of Arts in Siena and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence from which he graduated in 1987 with a Degree in Painting. Fabrizio is a fervent follower of the Renaissance style in art. As a sculptor he prefers to sculpt figurines "in motion" incorporating characteristics of the "Armani Style." Fabrizio believes this "Style" allows him to express fluidity of form and dimension. Fabrizio Tani joined the Florence Studio in 1989. Since then he has become an important member of their Studio. Fabrizio has been the featured sculptor at Giuseppe Armani/Florence Sculture d'Arte events throughout the USA and Canada. At every one of his events Fabrizio has had outstanding success. Consequently, Fabrizio Tani has developed a substantial and enthusiastic following. Fabrizio Tani's talent is lauded by his many USA, Canadian, British and European admirers.