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Liuli Crystal Imperial Seal (Prosperity) - Double Signet of Auspicious Prosperity 


Liuli Crystal Imperial Seal (Prosperity) - Double Signet of Auspicious Prosperity   Liuli Crystal

Status: Available | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition  | Edition Size: Limited Edition: 5000 pcs | Dim:3.43" x 2.25" x 3.98" inch | Liuli Crystal| Item #: PEB035.ADA

Price: $ 320.00 USD      

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Imperial Seal (Prosperity) - "Double Signet of Auspicious Prosperity"  

NOTES: The Beauty of Contemporary Imperial Signet
In the feudal era of so-called "Son of Heaven", the emperor strengthened his majesty with a symbol of himself and his power, going to any length to create the imperial signet. The symmetrical, concentric, and uplift design of it represents the reverence and praise the ancient Chinese felt toward the highest honor, In the ancient years when people were ignorant about the forces of nature, dragon transformed out of it and became the symbol of supremacy.
Today, "Son of Heaven" is only an ancient term. However, people have developed lofty pride that we too, can be as one, should we put our mind and effort to it. We are not naively obsessive to the feudal dictator. And yet, we become the gentlemen that assume the responsibility of the world. Dragon is no longer a daunting symbol, but an awe paid to the nature.
LIULI presents the contemporary imperial signet series, a manifestation of the self-motivation for our pride and great ambition.
Double Signet of Auspicious Prosperity
Revel in this vast sky and earth,
A convergence of auspiciousness.
Respect for a world at peace,
Grand prosperity.
Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre (Lost wax casting)
Symbolism: Fortune, Prosperity, Wealth,
Guardian, Protection

Imperial Seal (Prosperity) - Double Signet of Auspicious Prosperity   by Liuli Crystal is a Limited Edition production signed by the Artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which affirms that this is an authentic Limited Edition production from  Liuli Crystal.

Liuli Crystal bio

Over the last 24 years, Liuli Gongfang has given a new life to the lost art of Chinese Liuli Crystal. Every creation goes through a twelve-step process, lasting a total of six to eight weeks. In addition, each series is part of a limited collection, driving the team to constantly create new works of art. Liuli Gong Fang's creations have been bestowed upon VIP members of the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and given to over 32 world leaders. Liuli Gongfang's Pate-De-Verre creation process involves casting a wax sculpture in plaster, melting out that wax and adding glass ingredients to the leftover negative space. While this technique is incredibly time consuming, it yields unequaled detail and a dynamic blending of colors. Due to the hand crafted nature of Liuli Crystal, no piece is identical and each is a unique work of art. Air bubbles are formed naturally during the creation of Liuli Crystal and the artists use these bubbles to accent their creations, carefully manipulating their flow and size.