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  • john m fochs

    "Excellent service. Much better than I ever expected John Fochs".- Mar 13 2017 5:02PM

    David Lynn

    "Excellent service. Everything exactly as expected. We highly recommend!".- Mar 9 2017 2:16PM

    Victoria Valentine

    "I love my purchase, thank you so very much. I especially thank you for the upgrade, it was truly appreciated. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Victoria ".- Feb 20 2017 1:20PM

    Brenda Bellamy

    "I received my picture and I absolutely love it. It was breath taking! I was so anxious to have it framed so I can display it in my church. I purchased the preparing to sound the alarm angel. Love it! Love it! ".- Feb 20 2017 10:48AM

    Jacqueline Hayes

    "I love all of my collections.I have been buying many of the fine art. The collections of the parade is the best to buy. I do not have any problems. Problems with my orders. Sincerely Jackie".- Feb 17 2017 1:49PM

    Linda L. Oliver

    "Nice additional to my collection. Thank you very much.".- Feb 15 2017 11:42AM

    Sharon Sperling-Slater

    "The piece is beautiful, everything I expected. The packaging was perfect 👌🏽 I can not wait to get it framed ad on my wall. I will recommend you to my friends.".- Feb 1 2017 10:31AM

    Cheri Brown

    "My Ebony Vision figurine arrived by UPS just as seller stated. The Packaging was well secured. The item was fully in tact. I appreciated my sells agent Richard for being for patient with me and always professional. I will continue doing business with this company.".- Jan 27 2017 11:49PM

    William Jones

    "While there was a delay in receiving my item the collection shop called me to advise me of it and ask if I still wanted the product. The company is professional and made sure my product was delivered by the specified date after the initial delay. My art piece was as advertised and I like it ".- Jan 27 2017 3:50PM

    Neva L Crogan-Pomilla

    "The item arrived on time and as expected! Excellent service!".- Jan 24 2017 11:42AM

    Michael Ziogas

    "I appreciated the personal phone calls as a follow up to advise me of the status of my order. Item arrived on the promised delivery date and in like new condition.".- Jan 23 2017 11:34AM

    MaryAnn Stulpin

    "Very very happy with my Giuseppe Armani Figurine. Came very well packed. I definitely would buy from The Collection Shop again! Thank you".- Jan 18 2017 9:52PM


    "The product was received in excellent condition. The service rep went above and beyond to assist with a difficult selection and the overnight shipment arrived in time for my mother's 90th birthday. She was extremely pleased with her gift.".- Jan 12 2017 2:55PM

    Amelia Roberts

    "Very nice".- Jan 10 2017 12:10PM

    Jeannine Traciak

    "Highly Recommend! Excellent products, great customer service, fast shipping and items always packed with much care! ".- Jan 4 2017 4:48PM

    Denise G Harvey

    "I love the Ne'Qwa ornament. Thank you for the speedy delivery.".- Dec 29 2016 5:50PM

    Kelley Slaughter

    "Great experience purchasing from The Collection Shop. We couldn't be happier with our Ebony Visions purchase.".- Dec 29 2016 5:21PM


    "I enjoy my art from the collection shoo and will continue my buisnes with you . Thanks.".- Dec 28 2016 6:06PM

    Allan Shaul

    "Thank You, it arrived a day earlier than expected and was is great shape.".- Dec 22 2016 11:26AM

    V.M Rex

    "You made it so easy, was nice to receive a phone call to confirm the details. Thanks Much Verna".- Dec 20 2016 11:39AM

    Toni Glasscoe

    "I love shopping at The Collection Shop. You can put items in layaway or purchase outright. Service is exemplary and courteous. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to The Collection Shop!".- Dec 20 2016 9:19AM

    Suzanne L Newton

    "Item received promptly. It is under the Christmas tree! Thank you for your excellent service!".- Dec 16 2016 2:01PM

    Antonia Nguyen

    "Ornament was packaged well and arrived fast. Very pleased!".- Dec 16 2016 11:31AM

    Marlene M. Oller

    "I received my gorgeous owl yesterday. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I look forward to doing more business with you! Thank you, Marlene Oller 12/13/16".- Dec 13 2016 3:45PM

    flavia fontanesi

    "The items are delightful".- Dec 9 2016 9:35AM

    Billie Ellenwood

    " I am a return customer of The Collection Shop. Everything I have ordered has been perfect. I know when I shop with them that I my item will be, authentic, shipped quickly and in the condition they stated. Thank you Collection Shop".- Dec 9 2016 1:57PM

    Anthony V Gayle

    "Thank you,it's beautiful!!".- Dec 8 2016 12:50PM

    Cathy Boyce

    "What a beautiful piece😀 Great service and professional demeanor. I will purchase again. Thank you all so much!!!".- Dec 8 2016 8:22AM


    "Excellent quality. Tremendous customer service. Highly recommend ".- Dec 8 2016 2:36PM


    "Item arrived promptly and in good condition; very satisfied with my experience.".- Dec 7 2016 1:51PM

    Phyllis CUlbert

    "My order was handle very professionally. It was arrived as promised. I loved the piece.".- Dec 7 2016 10:19PM

    john b vandenburg

    "I appreciate the fact they call to confirm you are the one actually ordering the item. Shipping was fast and the item was shipped in a way no damage possible.".- Dec 6 2016 11:57AM

    carlann d czecha

    "Very nice ornament. My niece and her husband will be pleased. Thank you!".- Nov 22 2016 1:24PM

    Michael Bynum

    "Came timely and just what I wanted. Very pleased with the service and quality. ".- Nov 5 2016 12:36PM

    Ann V. Trabucco

    "I am at work but my someone was at home to sign for the package. I am very happy that it has arrived! I'll inspect the figurine when I get home. I do want to thank you for pursuing my request for the Libra Armani. All items purchased in the past were perfect representations of your excellent customer service and product satisfaction. ".- Nov 3 2016 2:49PM

    Ronni Miller

    "The gift was presented and emphatically received! Thank you very much for helping to make the gift giving experience as wonderful as possible! ".- Oct 27 2016 9:00AM

    Kevin Davis

    "Great service, fast delivery of product. I like the followup phone call to verify the price and product.".- Oct 21 2016 10:47AM

    Preston A. James

    "item was more beautiful in person. it came in excellent are the best of all the rest. PJ".- Oct 14 2016 4:55PM

    Manuel A Calvillo

    "I had s wonderful experience with the collection shop. They are professional, very customer service oriented and provide a very high level of service. ".- Oct 13 2016 8:16PM


    "My experience with the collection shop was great you will receive more buisness from me ".- Oct 1 2016 4:14PM

    Marilyn F Dye

    "I am extremely pleased with my recent purchase from "The Collection Shop". They called me to verify my mailing address, and the item was carefully wrapped and arrived a day earlier than UPS had first indicated. The item and the packaging is pristine! I anticipate doing business with them again!".- Sep 20 2016 3:45PM

    Jane Fortune

    "It was a Pleasure doing business, with you. I Received my items, very well Packed THANKS Love my Pieces. ".- Sep 9 2016 9:56PM

    Gail Scafaria

    "Arrived fast in perfect condition! I will definitely purchase from you again!!! Thanks, Gail S.".- Sep 2 2016 2:31PM

    Paul J MacIsaac

    " I received everything in perfect condition on time for my wife's birthday. Thank you. ".- Aug 29 2016 12:15PM

    Sharon Jenkins

    "Love the piece. Quick delivery. Thanks!".- Aug 22 2016 10:21AM

    Pat Hodge

    "Thanks you. Great packing job. Very pleased".- Aug 19 2016 4:22PM

    Patrick T. Roy

    "Thank You for last figurine. You website is very easy to use and navigate. I just made another purchase and you may apply this discount to it. I will be purchasing more figurines in the future from you. Please remember to e-mail me with the UPS tracking number so I know when to expect its arrival. ".- Aug 3 2016 2:27PM

    Katie Worsham

    "I am quite pleased with my experience with the Collection Shop. I placed an order for two items and only received one. One phone call was all it took for the Collection Shop to correct their mistake. They were apologetic and most courteous. I can't think of anyone better to do business with than with the Collection Shop. That's who I will call when I'm looking for a collectible.".- Aug 1 2016 11:48PM

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