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WDCC Disney Classics The Jungle Book  Baloo And Mowgli Good Ol Papa Bear 
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WDCC Disney Classics The Jungle Book Baloo And Mowgli Good Ol Papa Bear   From The Disney Movie The Jungle Book WDCC Disney Classics

Status: Out Of Stock | Condition: New | Edition:The Jungle Book  | Edition Size: Limited to Production 2011 | Dim:10 inches | WDCC Disney Classics| Item #: 4021782

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The Jungle Book Baloo and Mowgli Good ol� Papa Bear! sculpted by Bruce Lau is Limited to Production Year 2011. - 4021782  

NOTES: Be-bopping along and singing a jungle song, Baloo the jive-talking bear and Mowgli the man-cub are an inseparable pair. I kept thinking how can I make this bear and this kid feel closer together, noted animator Ollie Johnston, while fellow Disney artist Frank Thomas added, that with Baloo and Mowgli,"I think we got the strongest friendly relationship between two characters we ever got in any picture. Baloo was to originally have had a much smaller role in The Jungle Book but the relationship between the boy and bear was so heartfelt, the jazzy bruinï`s role grew. Plussed with a pewter cowlick on Mowgli, this irresistible sculpture highlights the humorous and heartwarming jungle-born kinship between two of Walt Disneyï`s most cherished characters " the endearing Little Britches and his ever-lovin" Papa Bear.

The Jungle Book Baloo And Mowgli Good Ol Papa Bear   by WDCC Disney Classics 

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WALT DISNEY CLASSICS FIGURINES - The Classics Collection started in 1992 with three scenes, Bambi, Cinderella, and Fantasia's Sorcerer Apprentice. Many other series have since been introduced. Some figurines are limited, and some have been retired. Some of these figurines have risen high on the secondary market. The figurines are made of porcelain, and the process is similar to that use to make Hummel figurines. Individual pieces are molded, put together, and fired in an oven. Then they are painted and fired again. Each figurine is marked on the bottom, signifying the year it was produced. The marks represent significant milestones in Disney history. The figurines with the first year mark are usually the most desirable.