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WDCC Disney Classics Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy 

WDCC Disney Classics Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy   From The Disney Movie Dumbo WDCC Disney Classics

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Mr Stork and Dumbo Bundle of Joy  

NOTES: Plussing:
Stork Legs: Metal. Particulars:
In 1997, Walt Disney Art Classics introduced a new series to commemorate "special moments" called the Celebration Series.
The series released sculptures to welcome the birth of child, celebrate a birthday, celebrate a windfall and for that sport's enthusiast in your life.
After the initial four (4) piece release, no further releases were released under this category. .

Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy   by WDCC Disney Classics 

WDCC Disney Classics bio

WALT DISNEY CLASSICS FIGURINES - The Classics Collection started in 1992 with three scenes, Bambi, Cinderella, and Fantasia's Sorcerer Apprentice. Many other series have since been introduced. Some figurines are limited, and some have been retired. Some of these figurines have risen high on the secondary market. The figurines are made of porcelain, and the process is similar to that use to make Hummel figurines. Individual pieces are molded, put together, and fired in an oven. Then they are painted and fired again. Each figurine is marked on the bottom, signifying the year it was produced. The marks represent significant milestones in Disney history. The figurines with the first year mark are usually the most desirable.