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Rod Chase Jeffersons Monticello By Rod Chase  Full Image Giclee On Canvas  Signed & Numbered 
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Rod Chase Jeffersons Monticello By Rod Chase Full Image Giclee On Canvas Signed & Numbered   Rod Chase

Status: Out Of Stock | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition  | Edition Size: Limited Edition Of 25 | Dim:30 x 50 | Rod Chase| Item #: RCH015GISNU3050

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Jeffersons Monticello by Rod Chase Full Image Giclee on Canvas Signed & Numbered - RCH015GISNU3050  

NOTES: Standing in Monticello’s Entrance Hall transported me into Stephen Ambrose’s book, Undaunted Courage. Artifacts from the Lewis and Clark Expedition – Indian headdresses and weapons to fossils and animal mounts – surrounded us. Jefferson was an amazing visionary, which is evident in his belief in the people of the United States..

Jeffersons Monticello By Rod Chase Full Image Giclee On Canvas Signed & Numbered   by Rod Chase  is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

image Copyright © 2022 by Rod Chase

Rod Chase bio

Rod Chase takes hundreds of photographs of each of his subjects, combining them with historical photographs, to produce a timeless quality in each of his works. "Being a photo-realist, I am dependent on finding accurate reference material for each painting," the artist explains. Chase works with acrylics on canvas spending hundreds of hours on each painting as he strives to present a fresh and unique view to familiar subjects. Chase is very excited about painting our nation s capitol. On a recent trip, he spent a week photographing Washington s landmarks, including The White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court building. Rising very early each day, Chase photographed the dramatic light of sunrise, and late in the day he revisited several sites to capture the soft, moody glow of twilight. Between sessions, he researched old photos at the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Over the next few months, Chase will create dramatic, awe-inspiring scenes of Washington for his collectors by combining antique and modern photography with just the right touch of artistic license. Chase was born and raised in Canada after marrying a Texas girl, he moved to the United States. He and his wife, Debbie, have four children, who are home-schooled. The family recently moved from the Houston area to the Texas Hill Country.