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Lladro Oriental Fantasy W/brooch Porcelain Figurine

Lladro Oriental Fantasy W/brooch  Porcelain Figurine  2341 Lladro

Status: Out Of Stock | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition Porcelain Figurine | Edition Size: 01012341 | Dim: | Lladro| Item #: 2341

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ORIENTAL FANTASY W/BROOCH - 2341  Porcelain Figurine

NOTES: Issue Year: 1996Height: 56 CM22½Base included Retirement Year: 2000. The Collection Shop is an Authorized Lladro Dealer. Please note that inventory and prices change frequently due to supply and demand. Delivery time on average is 1 to 2 weeks on most items. A Collection Shop representative will contact you to confirm your order along with price and delivery time.

Oriental Fantasy W/brooch  Porcelain Figurine by Lladro 

Lladro bio

Lladro was founded in 1953 when Juan, Jose, and Vicente, three brothers born of local farmers and endowed with great artistic talent, formed a small family company in the Valencian village of Almacera, Spain. Since then, Lladro has undergone an amazing metamorphosis from an artisan workshop to a huge firm of international scope enjoying continual growth. The company management has remained in the hands of the Lladro family, the owners of the firm, since its inception. The creative team started out by adapting styles from past eras, but it was not long before certain characteristics appeared that would soon shape what was to become the unique Lladro style.