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  • The animated story of two friends who didn't know they were supposed to be enemies. Tod, an orphaned baby fox raised by Widow Tweed, is best friends with Copper, a young hunting dog. When they grow up, Copper learns to hunt and discovers he must pursue his friend. Tod is taken to a game preserve for safety, and there he falls in love with Vixey, a beautiful female fox. Copper and his master hunt Tod in the preserve, but when the chips are down, Tod and Copper realize that their friendship overcomes all.

    Amos Slade: Amos Slade is certainly one of the most problematic Disney characters. A vicious old hunter with a permanent scowl, he believes that the only good fox is a dead one. In fact, the only time Slade allows himself anything friendlier than a frown is when he and his two dogs are returning from a successful hunting trip. That's when he bursts into song, explaining to the world the ethos of his life: "I ain't got no job. I'm a huntin' man and I'd rather have a dog than a dollar."

    Slade looks the part: Clad in a fur-lined leather jacket and vast leather boots, he has thick, messy hair and a belligerently bushy moustache. The expression in his eyes vacillates between anger and hatred. His chin juts forth with all the power of a battering ram. And for approximately 80 of the movie's 83 minutes it seems that Slade is utterly incorrigible, bullying, foul-tempered, and intent only on massacring the wildlife. However, in the closing moments, his dog Copper's late-discovered loyalty to his childhood friend opens Slade's mind to the higher emotions. One hopes he will continue on his newly discovered course.