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  • The Powhatan tribe lives in harmony with nature deep within the ancient forests. Pocahontas, the chief's daughter, is becoming an adult. She knows something wonderful is coming "just around the riverbend." But the waters may also bring trouble. Indeed, English settlers are sailing across the Atlantic. They see the ancient wilderness as a New World full of riches -- riches they can take. Whatever they cannot take, they want to change, and they want to change Pocahontas' world.

    Pocahontas, whose name means "Little Mischief," is based on a real historical figure. She was born into a highly sophisticated Indian culture that had some knowledge of Europeans. So when she encounters lead scout John Smith, a moment of magic occurs. John Smith finds Pocahontas. She does not run. He cannot hurt her. A friendship is born -- a small but powerful bridge between two worlds. Their friendship grows. Pocahontas shows John Smith how to live in nature, how to "paint with all the colors of the wind." He sees that this world is worth more than gold.