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Corbert Gauthier Bio

Gallery Updated on Sunday, November 23, 2014

Over the years, an artist builds up a kind of visual encyclopedia from which to draw inspiration, and Corbert Gauthier's captivating paintings are a compilation of all the things he's seen and done in his lifetime. Memories are one source of artistic inspiration for him, as is reading. Gauthier loves to pour over his considerable collection of art books, studying the works of the Old Masters, especially those of his favorite, Rembrandt. Growing up in a family of seven children in Nebraska, some of his fondest childhood memories are of those times when his dad would come home from the office with stacks of used typing paper. Even as a child, Gauthier felt the need to draw, so this was a treat for the budding artist. His artistic inclinations were further reinforced when his second grade teacher took the time to give him individual attention and encouragement. Gauthier's grandfather drew for a hobby and once did a sketch of President Kennedy for his young grandson. Gauthier used to try to copy it, and today, the original hangs in his Minnesota studio. In addition to his love for art, Gauthier loves kids and sports, taking the time to do volunteer work as well as coach Little League and basketball. He especially enjoys being home when his three children return from school each day as his studio is right in their house. Gauthier believes that art should touch the viewer with its immediacy, drawing us to a sense of the profound. His favorite medium is oil because of its richness and versatility. Using a variety of glazes, he creates luminous scenes that glow with warmth and emotion. Having been able to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist, he feels blessed thinking that just perhaps, he is doing what he was put here to do. "Everyone has different abilities and interests, and a lot of people struggle their whole lives to find the thing that they love and can pursue as a profession. I felt compelled to become an artist because of the feeling of responsibility to develop the gifts that each of us is given," he reflects. "Art is something that takes over your life and becomes such a passion that you want to keep improving. It's a nice way to reach people, and I think that's why we're all here -- to spread a little pleasantness and beauty in the world."