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1. Stephen Fishwick Queens of Madness   $395.00 Queens of Madness

2. Stephen Fishwick GOLDEN HOOK   $0.00 GOLDEN HOOK

3. Stephen Fishwick WICKED CAPTAIN   $3000.00 WICKED CAPTAIN

4. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Doctor From The Princess And The Frog   $395.00 Wicked Doctor From The Princess And The Frog

5. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Heart From Alice In Wonderland   $395.00 Wicked Heart From Alice In Wonderland

6. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Darkness From Fantasia   $395.00 Wicked Darkness From Fantasia

7. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Beast   $395.00 Wicked Beast

8. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Brother   $395.00 Wicked Brother

9. Stephen Fishwick Closet Full of Monsters   $495.00 Closet Full of Monsters

10. Stephen Fishwick The Girl by the Stream    $450.00 "Music is a big part of my artistic process. Just like in the movies, it sets the tone and mood of the scene. The Girl by the Stream is one in a series of paintings that is inspired by the musical compositions that are a Hallmark of each Disney film. My goal with these paintings is to capture the entire essences of the musical scores that go alone with each scene. My hope is that you will hear the song in your mind as you enjoy the painting. The Jungle Book is full of such fun, playful, and dramatic music that the final scene can often be overlooked, yet is the perfect crescendo to such as suspenseful journey. I wanted to paint a single scene that captures the moment in its entirety. I spent the last month wondering around my studio singing this song. Do you remember it?" ~Stephen Fishwick

11. Stephen Fishwick You, Me and the City    $395.00 "You, Me, and the City was inspired by a recent trip my wife and I took to New York City. Time Square, Broadway, the lights and energy are very exhilarating. There is definitely a vibration that runs through the streets of Manhattan. I have always loved the raw spontaneity of that old 1945 Life Magazine photograph of the Sailor embracing the Nurse at the homecoming of our soldiers after WWII in Time Square. I wanted to recreate, in full color, the romance and celebration of life that Time Square can give. I chose to paint this scene with acrylics on canvas. Acrylics allows me to touch the paint with my hands and can give me the freedom to make fast, spontaneous movements that translate into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. P.S. There are several Easter Eggs hidden in this piece - I hope you enjoy finding them." ~Stephen Fishwick

12. Stephen Fishwick The Villainous Seven Framed   $295.00 The Villainous Seven - Silver Series - Do you remember the first time you ever watched a Disney film? That childlike wonderment? That complete immersion in story? These feelings, among many others, are what Disney Fine Art"s newest collection celebrates. From the "silver screen" to our new Silver Series, Walt Disney"s magical gift for storytelling is alive and well. These beautiful, modestly priced, limited editions arrive to you in a custom frame that is adorned with a Silver Series plaque commemorating all the memories Disney Animation has created over the years. This is a truly magical opportunity for you to own a bit of Disney History, and transport yourself back to when these classic characters first jumped off the silver screen, and right into your heart.
GALLERY QUALITY PRESENTATION Each Silver Series edition is printed using archival inks and canvas, and is then hand-stretched and mounted in a custom designed frame created to accentuate each, individual piece of art.
LIMITED AND CERTIFIED DISNEY ART Every Silver Series piece is a limited edition of 500, and is sent to you complete with a Certificate of Authenticity mounted on each, paper backed frame.
A NAME YOU CAN TRUST These etched plaques are hand mounted on each frame, and signify that the utmost attention to quality, craftsmanship and detail have been paid.

13. Stephen Fishwick You, Me and the City   $150.00 You, Me and the City

(**Please note that all Treasures of Canvas Paintings come with a printed signature and is numbered edition of 1500 , COA is included.**)

14. Stephen Fishwick Colorful Personalities   $295.00 Colorful Personalities

15. Stephen Fishwick Maleficent the Wicked   $295.00 Maleficent the Wicked

16. Stephen Fishwick Electric Mayhem From The Muppets   $150.00

17. Stephen Fishwick Painting the Town From Mickey And Minnie   $150.00

18. Stephen Fishwick Painting the Town   $495.00 Painting the Town

19. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Captain   $395.00 Wicked Captain

20. Stephen Fishwick Wicked Wishes   $395.00 Wicked Wishes

21. Stephen Fishwick Goodbye to the Sun From Lilo And Stitch   $150.00 Goodbye to the Sun

22. Stephen Fishwick Mickey Casts a Spell From Fantasia   $150.00 Mickey Casts a Spell