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Jon Q. Wright

Jon Q. Wright 

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Updated on Friday, March 24, 2017

Jon Q. Wright

Jon Q. Wright who lives by a clear northern Minnesota lake with his wife Tracy and sons Dillon and Jacob, has specialized in aquatic art for over 20 years. As America's fascination with fishing grows at its most dramatic pace ever, the distinctive art of Jon Q. Wright has received special attention. You've seen his work on the covers of more than 35 magazines and books across the United States and abroad. He also has over 35 limited and open edition prints to his credit. Through his brand and business, Jon Q. Wright has built an unmatched reputation as a master of Aquatic Illustration. His works have been licensed on and commissioned by top U.S. companies that specialize in gift products, clothing, software, advertising, publication, packaging, fabrics and catalogs. His licensed products are currently being sold through some of the largest chain, catalog, gift and sporting goods stores in the world markets. The appeal of Jon Q. Wright's work has never been greater. Not surprisingly, Jon Q. Wright is recognized throughout the world as one of the leading artists specializing both in freshwater and saltwater artwork.

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