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1. Fidel Garcia Across the Soul Giclee On Canvas   $2200.00

As she sits in contemplation of the rose, the realization sweeps across the soul of her very being, that we, as custodians of the earth, must be diligent protectors, lest its beauty be lost forever.

2. Fidel Garcia Angels Voices Giclee On Canvas   $2200.00

At my moment of rest, I hear angelís voices calling me to my place in heaven for all eternity.

3. Fidel Garcia Beyond the Sky Giclee On Canvas   $2200.00

As he prepares for the trials yet to come, he directs his gaze beyond the sky to the true source of his inspiration and strength.

4. Fidel Garcia Constanza Giclee On Canvas   $2200.00

Constanza, the aurora of your thoughts does not detract from your loveliness, but enhances it.

5. Fidel Garcia Dreams of a Journey Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Dreams of a journey color and reshape the landscapes of lands as yet unvisited and the expectations of what is to come, for only reality has limitations.

6. Fidel Garcia Filled With The Silent Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Golden bowl, held in outstretched arm as-if to catch the rain, in-spite of wish and dream and optimistic expectations, is merely filled with the silence.

7. Fidel Garcia Inside the Eden Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

Arising from her slumber, she is pleased by what she sees and feels, for she has awakened inside the Eden.

8. Fidel Garcia Magic Dream Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

In the comfort of sleepís embrace, her stress abandoned, she dreams the magic dream of a better tomorrow.

9. Fidel Garcia Magic Woman Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

Even in deepest slumber, the magic woman holds the sphere aloft, resisting the very forces that hold her to earthís bosom as she sleeps.

10. Fidel Garcia Mirada Interna Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

Deep in contemplation, she has directed her gaze within as she searches for the truths of her existence, the reasons why she must persevere and move ever forward.

11. Fidel Garcia Night Blossom Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

She rests throughout the light of day, her beauty hidden from the senses, but with the rising of the moon she will once again be in full-flower, for she is a nocturnal delight, a night blossom.

12. Fidel Garcia Phoenix Bird Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

Rise up from despair and disappointment like a Phoenix Bird from the ashes, for a new day has come and, with it, new opportunities and the prospect of better tomorrows.

13. Fidel Garcia Sanctuarys Heart Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

She bows in total reverence of powers beyond her comprehension, with palms upturned to receive her blessing, for she knows deep inside that she has found sanctuaryís heart at last

14. Fidel Garcia Silhouette In the Soul Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Absorbed in introspection, oblivious to all chaos and turmoil, she realizes the oneís innermost thoughts are the silhouette of the soul.

15. Fidel Garcia Soul Prayer Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

Through prayer she comes to realize that oneís soul is the central player in this drama we call life, for only the soul survives beyond our final breath.

16. Fidel Garcia The Cocoons Promise Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Silken shroud, your purpose has been outlived, it is time that you are left behind, for you have fulfilled the cocoonís promise of safety and protection and now she must face life anew.

17. Fidel Garcia The Grail Keeper Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Lonely is your vigil, the watchful guardian of Christís cup, but your diligence with surely find reward enough in heaven, for you are the Grail Keeper.

18. Fidel Garcia The Prayer Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

Grant me the strength to face each new day unafraid, the wisdom to choose the path that will not bring harm, and the insight to understand how I can make a difference.Ē

19. Fidel Garcia Clown In Heaven Giclee on Canvas   $2200.00

The circus is her life, but not as she had dreamed; someday, perhaps, her dream will be reality; perhaps she will be a clown in heaven.

20. Fidel Garcia Crossing the Threshold Giclee on Canvas   $2400.00

As dreams and imaginings begin to merge, she finds herself crossing the threshold between what is and what might be, where illusion is everywhere and reality is merely a state of mind.