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1. Don Demers End of Day One - The Great Transatlantic Race 1866 MASTERWORK ON   $1250.00

Trans-ocean racing is still a relatively new sport, but was simply unheard of in the 19th century. A lively dinner discussion at New York’s Union Club in October 1866 resulted in the first Trans-Atlantic challenge. The contenders: Pierre Lorillard’s Vesta, George and Franklin Osgood’s Fleetwing and New York Herald founder’s son, James Gordon Bennett Jr.’s Henriettaůall two-masted schooners. It was a winner-take-all ů$30,000 plus bragging rights. On the morning of December 16, the starting gun was sounded and the vessels weighed anchor in the New York Narrows. Next stopůCowes, England. Demers’ evocative painting depicts the end of the first day, the vessels having logged nearly 300 miles and still in sight of each other. By day two Fleetwing had a twenty-mile lead on Henrietta and a forty-mile lead on Vesta. The racing was serious. Remarkably, after 3,000 miles of intense sailing all three yachts finished within hours of each other. On December 26 at 3:46pm Henrietta was first, followed by Fleetwing at 1:00am and the ill fated Vesta, whose local English pilot had taken them in the wrong direction, allowing Fleetwing to pass her nearly in sight of the finish. Demers’ extraordinary painting transports us hundreds of miles to sea to experience the majesty of these three great vessels underway as if we were sailing alongside them.

2. Don Demers By the Old Boat House   $595.00

We are pleased to welcome maritime legend, Don Demers, to the Greenwich family of artists. A Massachusetts native, Don’s interest in painting maritime subjects began while spending his summers on the coast of Maine near Boothbay Harbor. Crewing aboard schooners, square-riggers and other traditional craft have provided both the foundation for his technical expertise and the vision to transfer his first-hand experience to the canvas. His love of sailing has not diminished over the years.
The Old Boat House marks Don’s premiere release with Greenwich. This breathtaking vision captures the true spirit of the artist’s extraordinary talent. As the fresh breezes from a perfect day on the water fade away, these day sailors drift toward the protection and comfort of their secluded cove.

3. Don Demers Between the Sun and the Moon   $595.00

I have always been fascinated by dusk, says artist Don Demers, with the changing color of the light. While the sun performs its swan song with an elaborate display of reds, oranges and yellows, the night is beginning its serenade of blues and greens. It's a quiet time of the day, but the peacefulness is often contrasted by a full spectrum of exciting colors. These conditions are often best observed along the coast, and a sailing vessel drifting homeward on the last breath of the day's breeze can witness the sun's final color as well as the rising moon.

Between the Sun and the Moon is Demers' third Greenwich Workshop release. As you'll surely see in this and his previous releases, Nantucket Morning and By the Old Boat House, Demers is a modern master of his medium. Like any skilled portrait artist, Demers is able to give life and personality to his subject, Yankee Magazine says. His skies can look menacing or serene, fogbound or idyllic. He can create a spectrum of seas sparkly or frothy, wind-whipped or flat.

4. Don Demers Nantucket Morning   $645.00

The upper reaches of greater Nantucket Harbor are dotted with quiet and intimate places. Beautiful stretches of pastoral land spill into the water. Polpis Harbor is one of these places. “I came upon this inlet one lovely summer morning,” said the artist. “The early morning island breeze was beginning to lift, gently tugging at the small sailboats on their moorings. The serenity of this place wrapped around you like a blanket and that has stayed with me to this day.”

5. Don Demers Nantucket Twilight   $450.00

The town of Nantucket is the finest architectural and environmental example of a late 18th and early 19th-century New England seaport town still in existence. The island and its inhabitants were the dominate players in the growth of America’s whaling industry. Herman Melville wrote,” Two thirds of this globe are the Nantucketer's. For the sea is his; he owns it, as Emperors own empires." His character, Captain Ahab, was an islander. The name is said to mean either "in the midst of waters," or "far away island." Don Demers Nantucket Twilight Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas captures all the mysticism and romance of this legendary offshore port. This work of art captures the harbor at its most alluring time: during the golden hour at the day’s end as the sun falls below the distant horizon and the final warm rays of light are cast across the island landscape.

6. Don Demers Working Through a Fog, East River, NYC   $395.00

The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 all but sealed New York Harbor’s destiny as the most important port in North America. Ships from around the world called on the port 365-days a year and the business of piloting these vessels into the harbor was profitable and competitive. The pilot schooner fleet’s boats were handsome, heavily-sparred vessels that raced each other to incoming ships for the right to pilot them in. The most well known of these, the "America," was the fastest vessel of her day and the namesake of the America’s Cup The "Joseph Pulitzer" was built for Mr. Pulitzer as an ocean racer and was one of 22 such schooners operating out of New York Harbor in 1894. Ever since its completion in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge with its epic proportions and grand design, was the background against which life on Fulton Street and the East River played. Demers' "Working Through a Fog, East River, NYC" embraces the waterfront’s moody atmosphere and the convergence of the eras of steel, steam and sail. All that is missing from this gorgeous Fine Art Edition Canvas are the sounds of steam whistles wafting across the water and the warm moist smell of salt in the air.

7. Don Demers Passing the Island   $295.00

It is late summer and it is perfect sailing weather. Maneuvering in the ocean is not always easy, however, as there are unexpected hindrances. This alert sailor is cruising past a small island that appears all but deserted. Was it ever inhabited? Perhaps on another day, someone will dock and explore the island. Until then, it’s a mystery.

8. Don Demers Bay Light   $475.00

The Greenwich Workshop’s newest Don Demers Fine Art Edition, "Bay Light," is a sailor’s delight: wind, water, blue skies, and the lovely afternoon sunlight pouring across the sails. No competition here, just a happy coincidence of two boats heading out for a perfect sail. Don’s maritime experience came about as a crew member aboard many traditional sailing vessels including schooners and square-riggers. He continues to be an avid sailor. Demers is a Fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists, an elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists, an elected member of the California Art Club, and a signature member of PAPA (Plein Air Painters of America). He has won a record seventeen awards at the Mystic International Marine Art Exhibition, Mystic, CT.

9. Don Demers Working the River   $325.00

Maine's location provided it not only with the raw materials necessary for scraping a living from the land, but also connected its vast natural enterprises ― fishing, quarrying, lumbering among others ― to global markets via Maine-built ships of extraordinary design. Just after the Revolutionary War, Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord observed, “Maine was a place of opportunity that . . . combines healthfulness and fertility, whose whole coast is one vast harbor of the sea, which is watered by rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks and streams in abundance according to the most fortunate distribution.” Maine resident Don Demers is one of the most collected marine artists in the country today. His passion for the sea, its beauty and our intimate relationship is at the core of what sets his art apart from others.