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Tennessee Loveless 8 Bit-Block Mickey Blue Serigraph on Canvas
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Tennessee Loveless 8 Bit-Block Mickey Blue  Serigraph on Canvas Tennessee Loveless

Status: In Stock Available | Condition: New | Edition:Limited Edition Serigraph on Canvas | Edition Size: Limited Edition of 95 | Dim:12 x 12 | Tennessee Loveless| Item #: CE8BITBlue

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Available for purchase today, June  10, 2023

8 Bit-Block Mickey Blue - CE8BITBlue  Serigraph on Canvas

NOTES: Each of these limited editions is a hand-pulled serigraph on canvas that is hand signed and individually numbered by Tennessee Loveless.
Artist Tennessee Loveless takes Mickey Mouse to a whole new dimension with a new series of limited edition serigraphs inspired by the 8-bit graphics of popular video games of the 1980s. Whether it’s the nostalgia for that simpler era in video gaming or the everlasting nostalgia for Mickey himself, these explorations in color and pattern are what this up and coming American artist has come to be known for. To achieve the powerful pop of color that these pieces require, these limited editions have been produced as serigraphs, created by silk-screening the colors one by one onto the canvas, eight passes in total, building up these iconic images one layer/color at a time. The final result is a crisp, colorful, and precisely beautiful rendering of this exciting artist’s inspired interpretations of the world’s most playful mouse! .

8 Bit-Block Mickey Blue  Serigraph on Canvas by Tennessee Loveless  is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

image Copyright © 2023 by Tennessee Loveless

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