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1. Scott Kennedy A Curious Encounter & A New Generation L.e.print   $125.00

Here are two moments in the life of a Samoyed puppy. One is a family portrait with the pup close to his mom and pop but looking forward to exploring. The second pictures the ermine he meets during his first trip outside. Both images gave me the chance to work with subtle color and shadow in elegant white on white images.

2. Scott Kennedy Crossing Over Limited Edition Print   $135.00

The title of this piece could denote a fathers role in helping his son cross over to manhood . . . or it could simply mean the obvious: that the parent and child are wading to the other shore. In either case, whether they are looking at a fish or the future, the idea is of a family sharing in discovery.

3. Scott Kennedy Fishing Buddies Limited Edition Print   $165.00

The South Platte River is probably the most famous stretch of fishing water in Colorado. And fishing is such a pure, simple sport. Its been around for ages and always will be. Fly fishing itself is an art. What a beautiful thing to put together in a print with this spectacular landscape.

4. Scott Kennedy Never Alone Limited Edition Print   $225.00

The overlying story of this image is that even in the vastness of winters darkness, the camper is never truly alone. He has his dogs and the presence of wildlife not always seen. With this company, you are never alone.

5. Scott Kennedy Rocky Mountain Gold Limited Edition Print   $175.00

Scott says Rocky Mountain Gold is my first bona-fide true-blue landscape... Of the Maroon Bells near Aspen, he tells us that he and his wife went camping there, and that when they awoke the next morning ...snow had fallen that night, and the trees were glowing with gold. The mountains just loomed there, like cathedrals, causing people to whisper as if they were in a holy place.

6. Scott Kennedy Scouting The Trail Limited Edition Print   $150.00

Scott loved dog sledding—and here again he focuses on how these highly specialized dogs pull together as a team. These Siberians and Samoyeds are built both for speed and for their ability to scout the trail even through deep snow that can hide trail markings. Scott is able to capture the beauty of these working dogs—along with the elegant aspens against the stark, white snow.

7. Scott Kennedy Standing Watch Limited Edition Print   $175.00

Wolves are mysterious, aloof animals. As this gray wolf emerges from the darkness of the cave into the light, there is another he is protecting, half hidden, still within the cave.