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1. Ron S. Riddick Early To Bed Early To Ride Limited Edition Print   $185.00

We think we’ve corralled the Best of the West when it comes to artists, and there’s no denying that a significant number belong to the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America organization. Recent inductee R.S. Riddick earned the honor by creating beautifully composed, contemporary images of Southwestern cultures including Native American, Mexican American peoples and western American ranch life. Of Early to Bed, Early to Ride, Ron says, Springtime on the ranch is calving season. Cows often give birth in the nighttime hours and sometimes they have trouble, which means cowhands have to saddle up and head out to the range before dawn. After a long hard day of work, a cowboy needs a good hot meal and a bunk for his tired body, so he can get up before the sun tomorrow—early to bed, early to ride.

2. Ron S. Riddick Prelude To The Dance Limited Edition Print   $185.00

This painting is highlighted by the remarkably bold colors of the traditional besturios, a type of folklorico costume from Mexico. My wife Natalie and I saw these dancers near Tuscon, Arizona at a Sonoran folk festival, and I wanted to capture the intensity of sun and shadow on these warm vibrant colors....I hope to create art that conveys the dignity and beauty of these ethnic cultures as they exist today. I feel a sense of urgency to record these moments of life and celebration before they are potentially lost or forgotten in time.

3. Ron S. Riddick The Muddy Arbuckle Cafe Limited Edition Print   $185.00

Heres dry humor, laughters ring, sound advice and cowboy logic that says theres a simple solution to just about anything. Now dont worry about the mud on your chaps, boots and spurs—because youre in fashion at the Muddy Arbuckle Cafe. Besides, the warm-hearted campfire camaraderie will always take the chill off a rainy working day.