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1. Rod Frederick High Society SMALLWORK ANNIVERSARY EDITION   $225.00

Winter comes quickly in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. One minute the weather is clear; the next there is nothing but white as a wet mist and snow envelop the rugged terrain. Out of nowhere there appears the king of crags . . . bounding effortlessly over impossible footholds on the sheer mountainside. This is the domain of the mountain goats and their High Society is one which few living thingsŻman or beastŻwill ever encounter.

This Anniversary Fine Art Canvas Edition of High Society showcases a classic Rod Frederick painting format of extreme vertical design. His sparse composition along with a respectful and ethereal treatment of nature help this 5 x 26 canvas work as well as it does. If you have a unique, upright space that you haven’t been able to fill piece, Rod Frederick’s High Society is the perfect fit.

2. Rod Frederick Sneak Peeks MASTERWORK EDITION ON   $595.00

Over-sized, panoramic and vibrant is the only way to capture the sweeping expanse of the Northern Rockies wilderness and Sneak Peeks, a 48” x 18 MasterWork® Fine Art Canvas, delivers on that in spades. As the sun of a new day strikes the snow covered peaks above, a pair of grizzlies are startled to discover the presence of a bull elk as he bugles to gather his harem in this pristine, North American Eden.

3. Rod Frederick The Long Twilight MASTERWORK EDITION ON   $395.00

Known as the Land of the Midnight Sun and for its endless polar nights, the Arctic landscape in Rod Frederick’s The Long Twilight is both haunting and dynamic.

“Twilight is a transitional time, coming at both the beginning and end of the day. Between those extreme periods of light and dark, long sunrises and sunsets mark either the coming summer or approaching winter,” says the artist. “This arctic wolf pack stalks a ridgeline covered with only a light layer of snow indicating a time of change. Silent and still, just below the ridge, a ptarmigan with a mixed plumage of summer brown and winter white indicates a seasonal transition as well.”

The Long Twilight reveals yet another layer of meaning. At 48 x 10 this MasterWork® Fine Art Canvas is a classic Frederick format of extreme horizontal design. If you have a unique long space that you haven’t been able to find the perfect piece for, consider hanging something wild there, Rod Frederick’s The Long Twilight.

4. Rod Frederick The Emperors Ball   $395.00

“I’m surprised that 45 penguins made it into The Emperors’ Ball,” Rod Frederick acknowledges, “but it seemed like every time I came back to the easel, another had shown up. That’s the tricky thing about flightless birds, they waddle in low so you don’t see them coming.
“Emperor penguins, in fact all penguins, live in the Southern Hemisphere. A flightless bird of this size could never have developed in the Arctic with hunters such as polar bears, foxes and wolves. But Emperors thrive in the Antarctic where there are no four-legged predators.
“People love penguins and today I find myself especially attracted to them. I don’t fly or jump as high as I used to on the basketball court, so maybe that’s it. But there is something special about them. Think about, the guys, just the guys, who stay home to watch the eggs over a long dark winter where the temperature can fall to -40, while the girls enjoy a two-month long ladies night out. I bet there is some serious celebrating when the summer finally comes along and that’s the idea behind The Emperors’ Ball.”

5. Rod Frederick Grounds Keepers   $295.00

6. Rod Frederick In Tall Timber   $525.00

“This was one of my first paintings of a grizzly,” says artist Rod Frederick, “and it’s also one of my favorites. The setting is Glacier National Park, a haven for grizzlies in the lower 48 states because it’s over a million acres; since it was established in 1910 the wildlife were protected early on. There are an estimated 300 grizzlies in the Park. Grizzlies can be dangerous but despite their size and strength they are predominantly vegetarian and learn from their mothers where and when to look for succulent food. We interrupted this forager and I recommend we take a step back now ŕ many steps back.”

7. Rod Frederick Double Team SMALLWORK EDITION ON   $245.00

8. Rod Frederick Barely Spring ANNIVERSARY EDITION   $495.00

The black bear, the smallest of the three North American species of bear, actually comes in many colors, ranging from bluish-black to brown. In the past, visitors to national parks sometimes fed the black bears and the animals occasionally frightened a tourist by aggressively approaching them for more food. When left alone in their own habitat, however, black bears are shy and avoid people. Visitors are forbidden to feed them now, so the bears have retreated to the back country where they lead an elusive existence in forests ranging as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico.

“I have spotted black bears on many hiking expeditions,” says artist Rod Frederick. “I encountered this full-grown male one day in the lingering snow of early spring in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I turned the corner and there he was. Because bears have notoriously bad eyesight, it took a moment before he sensed me. When he did, he turned and ran. Seeing him so close was an exhilarating experience.”

9. Rod Frederick Coming Home   $625.00

The inspiration for this painting came from the early successes in re-populating the West Coast with the bald eagle, our national symbol that had landed on the endangered species list in 1967. Loss of habitat, hunting and the suspected effects of the insecticide DDT on eagle fertility contributed to their steep decline throughout the 19th century. In 2007, the Interior Department took the eagle off the Endangered Species list but the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act continues to make it illegal to take, sell, trade or collect eagles or eagle parts.

“It’s one of my favorite subjects to paint,” says Rod Frederick. “I see them all the time here in the Cascades.” Over two thirds of the world’s bald eagle population has “come home” to breed and thrive in Alaska and British Columbia, largely due to the undeveloped land and the salmon fisheries.

10. Rod Frederick Love is in the Air MASTERWORK EDITION ON   $695.00

“Within a few weeks the golden leaves of the aspen trees will have fallen,” says artist Rod Frederick, “but at this very second this bull moose has stumbled into a magical moment with his lovely lady. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, when the leaves begin to change and the large ungulatesůthe elk, deer and mooseůtry to take care of all the things they need to do before the long winter arrives.

“The scene shown here exists in no particular place, but is in fact a composite of several locations from Alaska to Wyoming and Montana. These hardy spruce and fir trees have seen quite a lot of snow, but they’ve been around long enough to see that spring is never very far away . . . except in Alaska.”

11. Rod Frederick The Three Amigos   $475.00

“These Blue-and-gold Macaws can expect to live for over 70 years,” says Rod Frederick. “Rainforests present their inhabitants with a relatively consistent weather and food supply. Over the millennia, birds like these Macaws have adapted to that by producing fewer young and living longer. Birds from more northern climates that contend with inconsistent seasonal weather and shifting food supplies have adapted to the potential of shorter life spans with a greater rate of reproduction.These three rainforest denizens can count on being friends for quite a long time.”

12. Rod Frederick Autumn Front   $695.00

I've lived in Oregon my entire life, says Rod Frederick. I currently live on the mountain side, but for years I lived on the coast. In late autumn, the sea begins to churn, the weather gets rough and the landscape is soaked with rain. I love to travel to that side of the state every once in a while in the fall and see the black-tailed deer emerging from the forest. The colors of the vine and big leaf maple leaves have intensified with the rain and the entire atmosphere is charged and heavy. The black-tailed buck feels the change of seasons acutely; the autumn has made him aggressive and ready to defend his territory.

13. Rod Frederick To Surf the Sunset   $495.00

“Bald eagles, our national symbol, have come back dramatically from near extinction over the last fifty years. They’re a very common sight where I live in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. I never get tired of looking at bald eagles, nor do I ever tire of the sunsets we get here, looking toward the West and the Cascades. This horizon in particular lends itself to a longer image, one where you can look in every direction and see something. I wanted to show the eagles as they flew across the skyline, using the last fading rays of sunlight to find a place to roost for the night. They’re surfing the sunset, riding those last thermals before they go to bed.”

14. Rod Frederick Crossing Paths   $1250.00

No two animals personify the spirit of the North American wilderness better than the wolf and the bear. While few of us will ever chance upon either in our backwoods excursions, the knowledge that they exist is what truly makes the wilderness wild. In this beautiful diptych, artist Rod Frederick portrays an unexpected meeting of these wilderness icons deep in a Pacific Northwest rain forest. The sudden opportunity for these ranging wolves is an abrupt peril for this sow and her cubs. Do her ferocious motherly instincts present the potential of enough pain and suffering for this pack to move on or has it been too long since their last meal? While each panel of this diptych would stand alone as a work of art unto itself, together they create a story filled with the expanse of the wilderness and the drama of the wild.

15. Rod Frederick The Dry Side of Winter   $450.00

As fall turns to winter in the mountains, the sense of impending snowstorms is in the air. After a summer of grazing, the mule deer feel the change and know it’s time for their annual migration from higher to lower elevations on the mountain range. Their coats have changed from the orange/yellow of summer to gray. “I live in a mule deer range and have them in my yard all the time,” says artist Rod Frederick on the subject of his latest fine art limited edition. “Although the bucks become scarce during hunting season, I chose to show a buck and doe in this scene.They’re fascinating to watch and I wanted to show the seasonal migration in this painting. The buck is in full glory, his antlers at full growth. He’ll shed his antlers in the late winter and they’ll start growing again the next spring, each year growing progressively larger.”

16. Rod Frederick Summer Place   $650.00

Few people have witnessed what artist Rod Frederick has seen first hand. Through his paintings, he is able to bring the viewer along on his adventures high above the timberline. Summers are short in the high country, Frederick says of his latest fine art limited edition, Summer Place, set in the high Cascades near the artist's home. This is a great vantage point from which to see the seasons change. With the snow still visible on the mountain in the background, the colors of the wildflowers in the foreground come alive and give the whole piece a bright, cheerful feel. Several butterflies and a dragonfly wing through the air, celebrating the arrival of the new season. The title of the piece itself refers to the destination of the pair of Canada geese, a very migratory species who mate for life and are probably about to nest. You can almost feel the light, relaxing breeze sailing down from the peak.

17. Rod Frederick On the Rocks MASTERWORK EDITION ON   $950.00

“Open spaces are exciting,” Frederick says.“In them I have a chance to get away and perhaps get a glimpse of my favorite animal, the mountain goat”ůwhich just so happens to be the subject of Frederick's latest Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition, On the Rocks. “Few people have witnessed what artist Rod Frederick has seen first hand.

In this painting, he is able to bring the viewer on his adventures high above the timberline.“ The summers are short in the high country.This is a great vantage point, safe from predators and with few trees to block the view.”The treacherous terrain of On the Rocks is difficult hiking for even the advanced climber, but Rod Frederick is as adept as his subject, and well aware of the lengths to which one must sometimes go to create the perfect painting. And what a view it is!

18. Rod Frederick POINT OF VIEW   $235.00

These are the Teton Mountains very early in the morning. It's autumn with colors coming to the aspen and cottonwood trees. As the mountains began to turn pink and the blue mist rose off the water, there was the sound of a distant bugling elk. There is a mule deer off to the left. See what else is visiting the lake this autumn morning.

19. Rod Frederick HOMELAND CHALLENGE   $375.00

Artist Rod Frederick is a master of painting animals in their natural habitats. He captures a world full of wide vistas, soaring trees, sky-scraping mountains -- and that’s just the backdrop for his spectacular wildlife. He’s also known for using canvases of extreme dimensions, each chosen to best suit the vibrant and sweeping panorama of the Northern Rockies wilderness. “I can get so caught up in the excitement of watching elk,” says Frederick of the subject of “Homeland Challenge.” This scene, set during the mating season, is as familiar to Rod Frederick as his backyard and could be almost anywhere in the Rocky or Cascade mountain ranges. Once found all across North America, elk have historically lived in many types of habitat. They've learned how to survive with different foods, weather, cover and neighbors.

20. Rod Frederick Winter´s Brilliance   $195.00

The cardinal's flamboyant red coat, distinctive black mask and spiky crest make him one of the most readily recognized birds. Originally found primarily in the south, they have extended their range northward to include most of the central and eastern states and parts of Canada. Unlike most songbirds who sing only in spring and summer, cardinals continue to sing throughout the year. Their brilliant color and musical voice make them welcome visitors to backyard feeders all year long. This Anniversary Fine Art Canvas Edition of Winter’s Brilliance showcases a classic Rod Frederick painting format of extreme vertical design. If you have a unique, upright space that you haven’t been able to fill, Rod Frederick’s Winter’s Brilliance is the perfect fit.

21. Rod Frederick Shades of Grey   $245.00

The distinct facial disks of the Great Grey Owl, known as “ruffs,” enhance the raptor’s greatest hunting asset ― its hearing. While they do hunt during the day, low-light and night is when the owls are most active. From a perch at the edge of a meadow in a grove of aspen trees, this Great Grey patiently awaits the arrival of its next meal. Below him, a pack of grey wolves make their up a riverbed beneath the Grand Teton’s Mount Moran. Named for the great American landscape artist Thomas Moran, the flathead sandstone mountain completes the trilogy of “greys” in this Rod Frederick painting. "Shades of Grey" is a classic presentation of Rod Frederick’s sense of design, where nothing comes in “standard” ― from dimension, color scheme to subject. Bold in color and deep in concept, this Fine Art Edition Canvas is perfect for that unique vertical space craving a special work of art.

22. Rod Frederick Red Alert   $395.00

Red Alert