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1. Nelson Boren Small River Big Fish Limited Edition   $750.00

Fish On! Taut line, bent rod, quick snap, big grin, reel whines, arms high, bigger grin. Out of the corner of their eye from a hundred yards away, any angler can recognize the lines, body language and adrenaline surge of a hook-up. It is gestalt personified.

Nelson Boren’s rise to prominence in the art world has been built upon applying this concept of gestalt to cowboy life. His large format graphics tell whole stories of the durable American icon one intimate slice at a time. So, it was only a matter of time before Nelson’s other great passion emerged in the studio.

With his first release on the art of fishing, Nelson presents us with just a fragment of a magic day on a clear cold river. Quickly, the mind flows and we fill in the rest; lunkers cruising just beneath the surface, a furtive boil here and there, shooting lines, the favored creel heavy with success. Reproduced as a Fine Art GiclTe on Paper this edition captures all the wonder and presentation of the watercolor original and is sure to disappear as quickly as a tail rise in a favored run.

2. Nelson Boren Engaged Limited Edition   $750.00

The average painting by Nelson Boren embodies a number of the artist’s qualitiesůfastidious attention to detail, a tender eye for texture and a respect for the hard-working people of the modern West. But what makes Nelson Boren’s paintings unique is his playful composition and the teasing close-ups that invite each viewer to create his or her own story.
Engaged is no different. Two dusty, hard-working folks sit beside one another holding hands, perhaps a little excited, as the title suggests, with their new arrangement. But the rest of the story is up to you.

3. Nelson Boren Cowboy Fishin Boots Limited Edition   $595.00

In the dusty, sun-baked lands of the West, water is scarce and large bodies of water are even scarcer. The harsh rays of the sun drain the color from the landscape, drying up vegetation and inhabitants alikeůbut one cowboy will not surrender. He leans casually against a doorframe, showing off the vibrant blue water and leaping yellow fish on his Cowboy Fishin’ Boots.
Artist Nelson Boren’s portraits of cowboys take their inspiration from the sweeping landscapes of the West and then hone in on the little details that comprise a cowboy’s life. His detailed studies of the trappings of the trade impart a romance and a gentle humor to what is commonly depicted as a hard and lonely existence.

4. Nelson Boren SHE LOVES ME   $850.00

SHE LOVES ME - Nelson Boren - "SHE LOVES ME...?" - LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop 0 A passel of plucked daisies litter the floor. Could it be they told a poor cowboy what he didn't want to hear? He’s rounded up more, but most look a tad droopy, almost as if they know they’re bearers of bad news. Still the verdict ain’t in until you decide. Does he stand a chance with her? A Greenwich Workshop fine art giclée presented on watercolor stock with a deckled edge.

5. Nelson Boren SITTIN' PRETTY   $345.00

SITTIN' PRETTY - When we offered to help Nelson title this piece, an interesting trend revealed itself. Suggestions from guys at the Workshop ran to "Good Odds" and "All the Luck," while the gals tended to come up with phrases like "Slim Pickin’s." But the artist is used to hearing a host of responses from viewers. His gestalt-inspired technique, giving only an enticing piece of a larger, intriguing picture, invites viewers to indulge their imagination and complete each story for themselves. "Maybe he’s a real popular cowboy or maybe he’s babysitting his sisters," Nelson says. "It’s up to you!" The original "Sittin’ Pretty" is mighty big and bold and that’s exactly how we’ve reproduced it.