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1. Keith Ferris Farmerīs Nightmare Limited Edition Print   $185.00

For the first six years of my life, I lived within 100 feet of Kelly Field in southwest Texas, home to the 43rd School Squadron, Advanced Flying School Pursuit Section. The young pilots in their P-12s were a farmers nightmare, practicing their landings time and again in the middle of local farmers fields. My father, an instructor at the school, can be seen in Farmers Nightmare sitting at the controls of aircraft number 2. He waits as two of his students begin their takeoff rolls, while up above another instructor with his students prepares to cut engines.

2. Keith Ferris Schweinfurt Again Limited Edition Print   $195.00

This image shows Thunder Bird, of the 303rd Bomb Group, on its 80th mission-a mission to Schweinfurt, Germany, which had claimed 163 four-engine bombers and 1500 crew members on previous missions. This 9 October 1944 mission was the 303rd Bomb Groups fifth, and Thunder Birds second, visit to this dangerous target.

3. Keith Ferris Too Little Too Late Limited Edition Print   $245.00

News of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor reached General Douglas MacArthurs Headquarters in Manila very early Monday Morning, Decemer 8, 1941. U.S. forces were placed on alert for possible Japanese attacks on the Philippines. Lt. Joseph Moore, Commander of the 20th Squadron, stood by his P-40 waiting word from High Command, when at 12:35 PM a large force of aircraft approached from the Northwest. Moore immediately ordered his fighters into the air.