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1. Jean Monti DADDYS LITTLE GIRL   $595.00

This beach scene foreshadows a highlight in this family's life: the Father/Daughter dance at her wedding. The warmth of the afternoon sun is equal to the warmth of the bond between the two. That wedding day seems so distant from this timeless summer moment as the snows of winter. But just as the pair's reflection will mirror their every move, all too soon daddy's little girl will become a woman and that far off dance will come to be for this father and daughter.

2. Jean Monti SOMETHING TO TREASURE   $550.00

There are moments with our children in which we learn as much about our parents as we learn about ourselves. In Something to Treasure a mother holds her daughter, lovingly and gently touching the young girl’s little feet as they relax on a porch swing. The memory of her own mother holding her as a little girl is as clear and warm as the sunlight that embraces her now. Even warmer, is the realization that her mother shared the same depth love for her that she now feels for her own little girl. As is so often the case, profound understanding is revealed in simple moments.