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1. Don Crowley Sand Creek Memories MASTERWORK EDITION ON   $895.00

The Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 remains one of the most horrific events in the history of the United States. Under the pretext of defending the growing city of Denver, Colorado, United States troops, under the command of Colonel John Chivington, attacked a camp of peaceful Cheyenne. The majority of Cheyenne warriors had left on a hunt, but the American soldiers slaughtered every Native American they could find, including women, the elderly and children. Chivington reported that between five and six hundred warriors were killed; in truth, about 53 men and over a hundred women and children were murdered. The battle has remained an ugly scar on the face of the southwest United States.
The Cheyenne subject of Don Crowley’s Sand Creek Memories pays tribute to the memory of his fallen tribesmen. This moving portrait is a memorial to the departed and a plea for peace, that we may not make the same mistake in allowing such atrocities again.


This volume is the long-awaited collection of the award-winning work of Don Crowley, one of today’s prominent Western artists. Crowley is a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, and he is one of the “Tucson 7,” an informal group of artists who began their careers in commercial art and have successfully made the transition to Western fine art. Since moving to Arizona in 1974, Crowley has dedicated his career to painting Native American life and people, particularly members of the San Carlos Indian Reservation in eastern Arizona.

Slipcased and signed book accompanied by the print Apache Farewell.

Apache Farewell
In the 1800s, the Apaches were fighting the white settlers, the Mexicans, the U.S. Army and attempts to put them on reservations. This Apache warrior, armed with his weapons, says farewell to his wife and child as he departs for battle.

3. Don Crowley Prayer to the Morning Sun   $795.00

Known for his detailed realism and complex designs, Don Crowley’s artwork sits at the apex of many painter’s and collector’s wish lists. In Prayer to the Morning Sun, Crowley depicts a Paiute maiden in her morning prayer ritual using eagle feathers as totem. “When I was growing up the only thing I knew about Indians came from movies and magazines. It was all unrelentingly negative and simplistic,” Crowley says.“As an adult I realized these were a people forced to the brink of extinction and that their story was a true tragedy. I have learned to care about the customs of their everyday life and the beauty of their sacred ceremonies. It is this essence of Indian life I bring to my art.”