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1. Disney Chilmark Foursome Follies Pewter   $1100.00

Chilmark Foursome Follies Pewter.
It's Foursome Follies, first in the "Comic Capers" series, with Mickey lining up the winning putt, as Pluto "points" out the line of the shot and Goofy offers his dubious counsel. As usual, Donald fails to see the humor of the situation. Time's up!

2. Disney Chilmark Get Your Motor Runnin   $595.00

Chilmark Get Your Motor Runnin' First issue in the "Two Wheeling" series featuring Mickey & Minnie on motorcycles. "Get Your Motor Runnin'" features the famous Disney duo decked out in '50's style. Mickey pops a wheelie on his red motorcycle and Minnie enjoys his bravado from her side-car. Limited Edition of 950.

3. Disney Chilmark Mickey on Parade - MetalART   $650.00

Mickey on Parade - MetalART. Energetic Mickey struts down the lane without a care in the world. You can almost hear him whistling - always cheerful and carefree. Crafted in pewter and hand-detailed at Chilmark's Massachusetts foundry with the exclusive MetalART™ process, Mickey is modeled in the antique-style right down to his hose-style legs and pie-eyes and mounted on a marble base.

4. Disney Chilmark Mickey Puttin On The Ritz Metal Art   $1200.00

Chilmark Disney Mickey Puttin On The Ritz Metal Art. he limo is waiting, Mickey's put on his top hat and tails and he's ready for a night out on the town with his best girl. And there's no doubt who that is. It's "Puttin' on the Ritz", featuring The Mouse himself high up on a well-earned pedestal. The piece is mounted on an attractive marble base which brings an added touch of class to this elegant design.

5. Disney Chilmark Lights, Camera, Action!   $1500.00

Lights, Camera, Action! (Original Box not Included) Quiet on the set! An all-star cast has been assembled for our most ambitious Mickey & Co. "production" to date. Our hero, Mickey, is about to ride off into the sunset with the fair Minnie after rescuing her from the clutches of his arch nemesis, Pegleg Pete. Donald, exuberant with a perfect take of the closing scene, is happy that Goofy has captured the moment on film. Goofy's spotlight is powered by a 9 volt battery.

6. Disney Chilmark Crack the Whip Comic Capers   $500.00

Disney's famous friends take advantage of the icy winter weather by ice skating hand in hand. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy are dressed in scarves to keep them warm as they skate around the frozen pond.

7. Disney Chilmark California or Bust   $0.00

Here comes Mickey and the Gang! Lured by the promise of fame and fortune, they've loaded the old jalopy to the hilt and are off on a cross country journey to the promised land. These modern-day pioneers are filled with a spirit of adventure. Goofy has his nosed buried in the map - literally. With Donald up in the crow's nest and Pluto with his eyes glued to the road, they may not take the shortest route, but it's sure to be the most exciting. And with our trusty pilot and co-pilot, Mickey and Minnie, never fear for our traveler's safety, because with this pair at the helm it's steady as she goes.

8. Disney Chilmark A Mouse in a Million - Pewter   $500.00

Mickey Mouse is one of the most identifiable images not only in the United States but in the World. What better tribute than to capture the definitive Mickey Mouse in a very special sculpture.

9. Disney Chilmark What birdie Minnie golfing pewter figure   $225.00

What birdie Minnie golfing pewter figure

10. Disney Chilmark Mickey and Minnie Head Out On The Highway   $475.00

Second issue in the "Two Wheeling" series featuring Mickey & Minnie on motorcycles. Here the famous Disney duo hit the road on their teal-color motorbike for a fun-filled vacation. The sculpture is crafted in fine detailed pewter MetalART™, numbered and limited to 950 pieces, and mounted on a wooden base. Made in the USA.

11. Disney Chilmark The Duck Pewter Edition   $1150.00

"The Duck" was issued out in two different mediums, two different strike points & two different prices. Either one is a striking addition to any collection. Donald Duck. Of course. He's the perfect following for his old pal Mickey Mouse. Where Mickey is easygoing, Donald is impatient. Mickey is humble; Donald is headstrong. Mickey is imperturbable; Donald has a short fuse. But while they are totally different characters, they're the best of friends and we love them both. "The Duck" is the ultimate Donald icon sculpture. Chest all puffed out, with a broad smile and a knowing wink, Donald's got the world by the tail. The Duck is a museum quality rendition of this one-of-a-kind American legend.