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1. Arian Allure Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

She redirects her gaze, eyes downcast; the allure she holds for me is amplified, she becomes irresistible.

2. Arian Amaranthine Giclee On Canvas   $2400.00

Pure, angelic, and dramatically beautiful, so much like the fadeless flower of legends past; her inner being, her true self, aligned and transformed, she has become positive energy in its purest state.

3. Arian Aspire Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

In wide-awake dream with unity of focus, they aspire to embrace a love that will rival the legends of the ancients.

4. Arian Belle Amie Giclee On Canvas   $2250.00

I look upon my beautiful friend, my heartbeat quickens, my thoughts are of her and her alone, for in my mind she is the most exquisite of women.

5. Arian Embrace Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

Oh sweet embrace, so close, so warm; you are me and I am you, we are as one.

6. Arian Enlightened Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Having freed himself from greed, ignorance, and all worldly attachments, purity of mind and body has been attained at last; he has become

7. Arian Evanescence Giclee On Canvas   $2400.00

Awaken from your slumber, cast off the remnants of dreams still incomplete, life is evanescence, fleeting, and meant to be embraced at every opportunity, so greet this day as if none will come again.

8. Arian Generosity Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

To give of oneself is true generosity.

9. Arian In the Garden Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

I caught a glimpse of your loveliness in the garden and now within my very soul, there grows an overwhelming need to see you once again.

10. Arian Inspired Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

She is my inspiration, my muse;I shall immortalize her in song and sonnet and remember her with every beat of heart.

11. Arian Invitation to Rapture Giclee On Canvas   $2100.00

Invitation to Rapture Giclee On Canvas

12. Arian Kindred Hearts Giclee On Canvas   $2250.00

Connected in their dreams as in reality, they are of kindred heart, bonded one to the other, heart to heart, soul to soul.

13. Arian Le Chateau Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

Kindred Hearts Giclee On Canvas

14. Arian Liberation Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

She has let go of her attachments to this mundane world and has cast off her greedy and ignorant selves at last, thus entering into a state of purity of mind and body, she has attained liberation

15. Arian Mirror of the Soul Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

The now is infused and enriched by the beings of antiquity that once we were, for the past is the Mirror of the Soul.

16. Arian Of One Heart Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Two lovers, two souls; together they are of one heart and more than they could ever be apart

17. Arian Open to the Light Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Do not hide in darkness, open to the light, for there is much of beauty to been seen by those who are unafraid.

18. Arian Peace Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Touched by the warmth of the Buddha’s smile, the warrior, with sword still in hand, realizes that peace is the noble path

19. Arian Rapture Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Beyond ecstasy, she has attained the euphoric state of rapture and is as a feather in the breeze; free, unencumbered, and unafraid.

20. Arian Reflections Giclee On Canvas   $2250.00

Reflections Giclee On Canvas

21. Arian Remembrance Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

Remembrance Giclee On Canvas

22. Arian Revealed Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

Revealed Giclee On Canvas

23. Arian Sanctity Giclee On Canvas   $2400.00

Awaken to the sanctity of each new day as if there will not be another and its joys will be amplified tenfold.

24. Arian Sanctuary Giclee On Canvas   $2800.00

An angel’s touch, stress and cares dismissed, she has found sanctuary

25. Arian The Poetess Giclee On Canvas   $1800.00

The Poetess Giclee On Canvas

26. Arian Tuscany Memories Giclee On Canvas   $2250.00

Tuscany Memories Giclee On Canvas