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Robert Peters is a landscape and still life painter with a career spanning more than thirty years. He regularly contributes to museum exhibitions such as the Prix de West, Masters of the American West, and Quest for the West. Robert s paintings have earned serious recognition by collectors. Museum advisor and noted collector John Geraghty commented in a recent art publication, "It has been a pleasure to observe Robert s continual development and acceptance as one of America s great landscape painters." Born in upstate New York and raised in Phoenix, Robert credits his early memories of the Arizona desert with sparking a passion for the outdoors. His extensive travels throughout the American Southwest instilled a love for nature. Enthusiasm and respect for the natural world continues to be the driving force behind his landscape paintings. "The western landscape is an endless source of inspiration to me," Robert says. "I draw strictly from my own observations, which imparts an authentic and natural quality to my paintings. If something is in one of my paintings, I ve been there and I ve experienced it." He also finds the technical challenges of his art to be motivating and rewarding. "One of the most energizing things about painting is improving the quality of what you do. I believe there is no limit to how far you can take your ability. Over the years I ve also realized it s important for me to share my personal vision of the west with others. It s a thrill when my paintings resonate with the viewer on a personal level."