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Franz Porcelain Vase, Plum Blossom (LE 2000) 

Franz Porcelain Vase, Plum Blossom (LE 2000)    FZ03369 Franz Porcelain

Status: Available | Condition: Porcelain Figurine | Edition:Limited Edition  | Edition Size: Limited Edition 2000 | Dim:8-5/8x8-5/8x13 inch | Franz Porcelain| Item #: FZ03369

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Vase, Plum Blossom (LE 2000) - FZ03369  

NOTES: Free Spirit ~ Plum Blossom vase, Dream of the Red Chamber collection In the 63rd chapter of Dream of the Red Chamber, the folks play a drinking game in the Enjoyment Red Hall. Li Wan draws a lot decorated with an old plum branch as well as a poem “Enjoy life in a thatched cottage”. Li Wan lives in a Sweet-rice Village, which is “covered with rice stems” and “surrounded by goodly holdings with fair fruits and vegetables.” Craftily blending elegant branches of plum blossoms and meiping (plum blossom vase), Franz presents this piece as a memento dedicated to Li Wan, also known as the Old Sweet-rice Farmer and commonly called Mild-mannered Grandma, a virtuous woman leading a life of freedom, away from the hustle and bustle. .

Vase, Plum Blossom (LE 2000)   by Franz Porcelain 

Franz Porcelain bio

Chinese pottery has always been an important part of Oriental culture - and with Franz Porcelain it is evident that this story will continue in the 21st century.
Throughout history, the masterpieces of artisan-produced Chinese porcelain have been much sought after and admired for their excellent craftsmanship. However, in the early 18th century, fuelled by the demand for this exquisite porcelain, European mining and smelting experts finally discovered the secret of how porcelain was made. By their consistent attention and innovation, the founders of such prestigious European factories embraced their dreams to produce fine porcelain.
Created in 2002, the new brand, Franz embodies the power of this cultural heritage. Franz porcelains capture cultural, artistic, and fashion elements. Focusing on nature themes all elements combined result in some of the most creative and unique items in the market today.
Franz Porcelain is writing a new chapter for world-renowned porcelain houses. Franz Porcelain not only embraces Chinese porcelain's rich heritage, but also heads for a new era. Franz Porcelain is therefore not only a new and exciting way of producing fine home decor, but is part of living history.
Inspired by the love for nature, Franz Porcelain developed delicate butterflies, fragile flowers, whimsical animals, and other motifs that successfully and uniquely combine traditional Chinese character with classic Art Nouveau designs. Every piece of Franz Porcelain blends the essence of Oriental culture with the styling inspired by Western artistry. Franz Porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glazes - and with a little touch of magic from the goodwill of the Chinese spirits of Fire and Earth! More than a dozen separate processes go into the production of the intricately sculpted Franz Porcelain tabletop, vases, and decorative accents.
Franz's talented staff of artisans has experimented with the many ways to glaze, decorate and fire ceramics for decades. Today, they employ traditional underglazing techniques as well as colored glazing, crystalline glazing and overglazing to produce unique and elegant products. Using the underglazing technique, the finest Chinese clay is painted with a subtle Oriental color palette, coated with a layer of transparent glaze, and put into a kiln for firing at a temperature of about 1,000 Celsius degrees. The end results are aesthetically pleasing, and create a distinctively stylish decor collection.
Every piece of porcelain that Franz Porcelain delivers to our valuable customers superbly illustrates Franz Porcelain creators' graceful design, intricate skills, and the desire for perfection. The company's continued investment in production techniques and highly skilled artisans will ensure that these unique designs can be recreated in fine detail and meet the market demand for home decor ranges.