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Cassandra Gillens is a self-taught artist, residing in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area she cherish. Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts, her earliest memories are drawing with colored chalks on the sidewalks of Roxbury; Massachusetts. The memories remain a part of her when she began to paint images depicting her early childhood years in South Carolina. Upon her return, she was moved to paint her visions of the Low Country s comforting southern culture. Cassandra is closely connected with the people and culture in this beautiful and historic land; her paintings depict some of her fondest memories as a child, and also of good old southern living and images of various life styles found on the Sea Islands. Her paintings show that love with vivid saturated color and simplification of forms keeping her true to style of fauvism,   Cassandra s work is collected throughout the United State and Europe; Look for her work featured in the movie Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks. She is part of the collection of the Myrtle Beach Museum, Myrtle Beach, SC, and the new Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC.