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Born in Massachusetts then brought by his family to live in New Jersey at an early age, Frank Morrison was reared and spent his formative years there, an affable, precocious and inquisitive youngster whose curiosity about everything around him seemed limitless. Morrison became a regular at local museums and galleries in New York. With a renewed vision and an informed eye, the still teenaged Morrison followed his heart, began the development of an expressive style of his own, crafted his first portfolio, and set out to market his paintings. Some of Mr. Morrison Influences are Ernie Barnes, Thomas Hart Benton, Charles White, Robert Riggs, Ron Adams, Richard Mayhew,Charles Bibbs, Albert Fennell, Paul Goodnight, Carl Owens, Annie Lee, Elizabeth Catlett to name a few. His initiatives include publication of over 20 illustrated childrens books. Morrisons work is inspired, not only by his rich and varied life experiences but, by his love and gratitude for his family--his wife Consuela Connie Morrison, three sons Nyree, Tyreek, Nasir and two daughters Nia, Tiffani and the omnipresent Hand of God. Each of his paintings bears his signature, of course, accompanied by the notation TTG representing and reminding all of his Thanks To God for the blessings of his gifts--his family and his talents. Ebony Visions proudly welcomes Frank into its family of artists celebrating life and the African American spirit and the African American spirit.