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French artist, Francois Fressinier attributes much of his passion for the human figure to the fact that both of his parents were professional portrait photographers. He received strong academic training in art from his father and gives him credit for teaching him "not to paint, but to see." That unique sight has evolved into a personal style that is fluid, sensitive, and classical in nature. Fressinier's favorite subject matter finds itself in the ethereal romantic presence of sensuous women. Many of his paintings combine ideas taken from his heritage, European history, and landscape. It is evident in his work that he has been significantly influenced by artists like da Vinci, Titian, and other Masters of the Renaissance. The mastery of light and shadow and delicate economy of Fressinier's line which sets him apart. Says Francois Fressinier, "My objective is to render classical subjects into the present as homage to the Old Masters; the emotion that this brings to me is what I wish to convey on canvas."