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Cassandra Barney Only Eve Could Hear the Birds Love Song Canvas


Cassandra Barney Only Eve Could Hear the Birds Love Song  Canvas

Status: Available | Condition:New Unframed Art | Edition:Limited Edition Canvas | Edition Size: Limited Edition Of 100 | Dim:30 inches wide by 15 inches tall | Cassandra Barney| Item #: CCB0018


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Available for purchase today, November  1, 2014


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Only Eve Could Hear the Bird´s Love Song

NOTES: Listen. Can you hear it? That little tune in the air, a simple reminder to stop and smell the roses - or perhaps, a clue to the meaning of life itself. Each of us are given little gifts, moments that make us see the people, places and experiences which comprise our world in a whole new way. In Cassandra Barney's latest limited edition, Eve is experiencing one of those moments. She appears doe-eyed, lost in her own song, as her companions stare at the viewer. It is the beauty of Cassandra's charming women, combined with this evergreen message, that gently remind us to look and listen to the little moments.

Only Eve Could Hear the Birds Love Song  Canvas by Cassandra Barney Is a Limited Edition production by the Artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which affirms that this Art Work is an authentic Limited Edition production from Cassandra Barney. This Limited Edition is Signed and Numbered by the artist.

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Cassandra Barney bio

BIOGRAPHY "Cassandra Christensen Barney was born and raised in Orem, Utah. She received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in 2000. "I've had a passion for the craft of the portrait since I was a child. As a young girl, I visited museums around the world with my father, collecting postcards adorned with 16th century art. Exploring these simple images captured my imagination, unlocking a world of discovery. I love the art of storytelling, the layers of symbolism, and would create my own stories of these quiet women, making the paintings my own. Today I paint portraits that share my passion for storytelling while revealing my personal journey of transition and discovery." Christensen Barney’s images capture the souls of heroines, everyday women who have found strength and personal victory in their diverse experiences. Her portraits carry a range of emotion reflective of the events that have shaped their character. Ambiguous and poignant, Cassandra’s women find strength in their femininity. "They are beautiful and strong, because of the complexity of their feminine nature" "My portraits may not always feature the outwardly pretty or majestic, but they all share a quiet beauty that asks us to listen and to feel. My work reflects my personal narrative, yet my intent as an artist is to create an experience that will allow the viewers to bring new interpretations to the symbols, creating their own narrative and own sense of understanding and place." Christensen Barney and her father, James C. Christensen, delight in working together. "My Dad inspires me to experiment with my own style, media and interpretation. Painting together in his studio, we have developed a wonderful synergy, critiquing each other and encouraging each other to experiment with colors, surfaces and textures." Life is truly art at Christensen Barney’s home as her husband is also an artist and teacher. Her three daughters enjoy creating along side their parents. In addition to her children, Barney encourages many others to explore the world of art. She taught at The Waterford School for four years and part time at BYU. The Barney family will relocate to Vancouver, Canada this fall where her husband Dan will pursue his doctorate in curriculum studies at UBC. "