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1. Sarah Summers First Dance   $31.00

A wedding day is filled with many “firsts” as husband and wife, but their first dance is definitely one of the most cherished memories from that special day. Artist Sarah Summers captures the moment beneath a beaming sun to show how those few moments in each other's arms create one of the brightest wedding day memories.

2. Sarah Summers Winter Love   $55.00

Winter romance is in the air! From the imagination of artist Sarah Summers, a happy snow couple shares their smiles all season. This heartwarming artwork is reverse painted on the inside of a large Ne'Qwa Art glass ornament. The perfect celebration of winter love! Arrives in a satin-lined box, perfect for giving.

3. Sarah Summers Heavenly Lullaby   $55.00

Heavenly Lullaby

4. Sarah Summers Oh Holy Night   $55.00

Oh Holy Night

5. Sarah Summers Angels Song   $31.00

Angel's Song

6. Sarah Summers The Journey   $55.00

The Journey

7. Sarah Summers Sleep In Heavenly Peace   $31.00

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

8. Sarah Summers Snow Family   $31.00

Snow Family

9. Sarah Summers Peace Be With You   $31.00

Peace Be With You

10. Sarah Summers Letters To Santa   $55.00

Letters To Santa

11. Sarah Summers Reindeer Love   $55.00

Reindeer Love
In Stock again July 2016

12. Sarah Summers Kittens Waiting For Santa   $31.00

Kittens Waiting For Santa

13. Sarah Summers Puppies Waiting for Santa   $31.00

Puppies Waiting for Santa