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1. Kim Wiggins Song Of The Valle Vidal Limited Edition Canvas   $595.00

Discovering the joys of life is the Song of the Valle Vidal. If you were the scarecrow, would you see yourself as little more than an empty shirt on a set of cross-members? Or would you see yourself as guardian of one of the most beautiful places on earth, New Mexicoís Valle Vidal? We have the choice to be stewards of those around us by breathing life into them.The birds on the scarecrow sing a symphony of the inner beauty found in each of us. The flowers are life springing up around us as we reach out to others. In knowing your purpose in life, you really do come to life.

2. Kim Wiggins Star Light Limited Edition Canvas   $595.00

Star Light is about a fatherís love for his children and their mutual amazement of the world around them, says artist Kim Wiggins of his first Greenwich Workshop fine art limited edition.There are so many negative events in the world today that I choose to focus on the positive.Weíve each been given different gifts and the purpose of a gift is to share it with others. My enjoyment and passion is in the creation of the work.Thereís a power in realizing the uniqueness of your gift; itís not about you but about reaching out to other people.

3. Kim Wiggins White Dove Of The Desert Limited Edition Canvas   $595.00

The Mission San Xavier del Bac, built circa 1783 south of Tucson, Arizona, is affectionately calledThe White Dove of the Desert. This most famous of the missions founded by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino still ministers to the Papago Indians.Wiggins says,I tried to capture the spirit of the mission by representing Father Kino passing a dove to a Papago Indian boy.The dove represents the peaceful nature of this tribe. Storm clouds swirl above as a reminder of the struggles these gentle people faced. Not only did they battle nature, but the mission became their only refuge against the constant attacks by the fierce Apache Indians.The mission, home to statues draped in real clothing and brightly painted carvings, is open to the public every day as well as those on pilgrimage.