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1. Emily McPhie Branch Axe Paper Scissors LIMITED EDITION GICLEE PRINT   $250.00

These are mixed media, says artist McPhie. I gessoed watercolor paper, drew with Conte and colored pencil, a little oil paint, crackled and glazed. The idea here is about taking things apart and putting them together.

There's a relationshp between a branch and an axe but in this pair there is a deliberate intensity about the branch and the axe is a bit taken aback. With paper and scissors, paper seems to be gracefully offering and scissors is taking a second look, perhaps reconsidering the mission. The feminine, marionette-like poses of these figures belie the gravity of decisions hanging in the balance. Like much of Emily McPhie's work, this series will keep speaking long after the viewer has turned away.

2. Emily McPhie Ruby Rose in Time Out   $495.00

Like Venus rising from the foaming sea, Ruby Rose stands stolidly on her rock and waits. “Ruby Rose was born as I thought about how hard it can be to communicate,” says artist Emily McPhie, “especially for children. I thought about what it must be like to be in time out, to feel so misunderstood and isolated and that those ten minutes are never ever going to end. As we get older, we learn more words and how to better share our feelings, but I find that once in a while that misunderstood, isolated, time-out feeling creeps up on us all. It’s then that we’re glad we’re finally old enough to tell time and that ten minutes isn’t so long after all.” The sweetly inspired works of Emily McPhie make a perfect addition to any nursery, office, bedroom or living area and the ideal gift for the new mother in your life.

3. Emily McPhie The Key to Happiness ENHANCED   $345.00

Still ’round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate. - J. R. R. Tolkien

Life is never dull for one with an adventurous mind and an open heart.As the sun warms the earth and sky around her and lights them a brilliant gold, the subject of Emily McPhie’s The Key to Happiness steps forward into the unknown.With a ribbon of passion in her hand and a key of exploration around her neck, she is prepared to meet whatever the future may bring. This gorgeous Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition Enhanced GiclTe Canvas is a perfect gift for the graduate, traveler or any intrepid loved one in your life. Like the original painting, the canvas glows like a new and unlimited day.

4. Emily McPhie One if by Land   $395.00

There are few sureties in this life, it is said, but one of them is that every little girl will someday grow up. From her first tooth to her first date, the milestones in every child’s life seem to come more quickly with each passing day. Every parent can remember the first time they took the training wheels off their child’s bicycle and watched their little one ride away, feeling a mixture of pride and apprehension.

The beautiful autumn scene in Emily McPhie’s newest Fine Art Limited Edition One If by Land tells such a story. Fall has come to the path through the park and as the little girl rides by, the heavy leaves fall from their trees. It is a time of change, a time of remembering the treasures of the past and of looking forward to the future.

Emily McPhie’s dreamy paintings are touched with the tenderness of young motherhood. Her portraits of women and children convey universal messages of love, determination and hope.

5. Emily McPhie Pirouettes and Pachyderms   $450.00

Life, as they say, is not about the destination, but the journey, says artist Emily McPhie. It's about whimsy, about having fun with life and where it takes you. Both the twirling little girl and the smiling painted elephant in McPhie's debut limited edition print seem to embrace the adventure of a walk with no destination.

6. Emily McPhie Serena and Her Lion   $295.00

“When I began this series of children with large, ferocious animals,” says Emily McPhie, “I had intended it to be about the purity of imagination, about how children have such freedom in their dreams while adults are tied to reality and familiar things. Of course, I couldn’t attain that simple perfection¨the paintings ended up as a metaphor for the troubles and realities of life, which can turn and bite your head off at any moment. But even with the knowledge of this fact, we can be content and find peace like these little girls. We’re not afraid of the lion; we’ll still remember what to buy at the grocery store.”