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1. Cynthie Fisher Sea Turtles   $31.00

Exploring the beautiful blue-green ocean depths, magnificent sea turtles seemingly dance among the tidal treasures that lie below the water's surface. Cynthie Fisher captures a bit of their mystery as she gives us a glimpse into their peaceful lives. Her artwork is hand-painted from within this petite princess shape ornament.

2. Cynthie Fisher North American Cardinals   $56.00

The vivid, crimson red plumage of the northern cardinal is always a welcome sight. This pair of songbirds, perched side-by-side among a patch of fragrant lilies are surely favorites among North American birdwatchers. Created by Cynthie Fisher, the artwork is hand-painted on the inside of this standard brilliant-shaped ornament.

3. Cynthie Fisher North American Wolf   $56.00

A lone gray wolf travels a path of forest and mountainous terrain in search of his pack. Cynthie Fisher splendidly portrays his intense stare in artwork that has been hand-painted from this inside of this standard brilliant-shaped ornament. It is a stunning tribute to this complex North American canine.

4. Cynthie Fisher Black Bear And Cub   $56.00

Quietly living under a forest's protective canopy, an American black bear and her cub spend their days foraging and hunting near a stream. Artist Cynthie Fisher captures one of their peaceful moments in this rendering, which is hand-painted from the inside of this standard marquis-shaped ornament.

5. Cynthie Fisher North American Wildlife   $99.00

The wildlife of North America can be both beautiful and majestic. Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide, this pastoral scene from Cynthie Fisher features bison and moose roaming the open countryside. Substantially sized, the artwork has been hand-painted from the inside of this trillion-shaped ornament.