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1. Connie Haley Wedding Couple   $31.00

With blushes of pink and a bouquet of red, Connie Haley's depiction of a newlywed couple is a tender scene to witness. Her artwork has been painted on the inside of this glass ornament, a process unique to Ne'Qwa Art. A stunning present for the bride and groom, it arrives in a satin-lined box, perfect for giving.

2. Connie Haley Let There Be Joy In The World   $55.00

Let There Be Joy In The World

3. Connie Haley Ho Ho Ho   $55.00

Ho Ho Ho

4. Connie Haley Bling It!   $55.00

Bling It!

5. Connie Haley Oh, Snow!   $55.00

Oh, Snow!

6. Connie Haley Christmas Is Coming   $31.00

Christmas Is Coming

7. Connie Haley Hello Snow   $31.00

Hello Snow

8. Connie Haley Love Is The Greatest Blessing   $31.00

Love Is The Greatest Blessing

9. Connie Haley Home Sweet Home   $31.00

Home Sweet Home